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  1. Lower Frame-Windscreen.JPG

    Lower Frame-Windscreen.JPG

    Tooling for this one of my stampings difficult to make-pleased with result though.
  2. Outer Panel-Roof.JPG

    Outer Panel-Roof.JPG

    Outer Stamping
  3. Inner Panel-Roof.JPG

    Inner Panel-Roof.JPG

    New Inner stamping
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    Dave Morton

    So sorry to hear this my thoughts are with his family, he will be sadly missed
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    Paint code 1083

    Carnival Red P030-8385
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    fuel tank vents

    refers to wiper blade
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    ZF DS speedo drive thread size

    Hi Brian, Thread is M22 x 1.5 regards Roy
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    Name that chassis...

    This can only be 101 or 102, probably 102, the first early cars seem not to of had perforated radius rod tunnels (although I stand to be corrected) like 103 and 104 and the horsecollar is of fabricated construction.
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    Spa 6 hours 2014

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    Lost Missing Roadster #6 Dave Brown Chassis?

    Re: missing roadster 100% CCD Chassis. Roadsters were different to coupes in construction also.
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    Steel spider

    Hi Ian, I am still about, nice to see my panels popping up on the forum, perhaps I will call in to Silvermere soon
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    1967 - GT40 vs Jaguar XJ13

    I seem to remember OVX 355D was the first car to run a ZF trans and was tested throughout europe by John Horsman and the then FAV works superintendant and chased across borders by customs during those tests. cant remember chassis number though. correct me if I am wrong.
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    Hi Andrew those 3 eared plates are bolted to the metalastic doughnuts-if not they would break in two! looking good Roy
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    1040 - And part of the GT40 Sbarro Story

    Re: 1040 Hi Jim, I think it was 1076, it was the same year I met you at Concourse Italiano?
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    Eyelet specification

    Hi Richard I have them in stock Roy
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    What Spray Glue is Best?

    Use clear silicon sealer-works fine.
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    "GT40 Wedding"/End of season event

    Congratulations Max & Maxine, thoroughly enjoyed the day, here are a couple more pics.
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    Help please

    Looks like a Safir, typical Safir wheels & spinners, decals as per Safir cars, identical to NOS ones I have in stock, inner wheelarch looks safir too, probably a big block car, If the chassis number is genuine then this should confirm, hope this helps!
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    GT40 chassis / car manufacturers

    Hi Jimmy, thanks for clarifying the picture issue, oh, also my spelling incompetence! hope you don't mind me pointing out the spelling for chest is not cheast-see your previous post-just a bit of fun-doesn't really matter !! I have never had a roof from Jimmy price although I did speak to him...