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    Women :)

    There should be music set to that one!!!!!
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    Static electricity

    Pete, your wife had better have pointed out that coffee to you or you are in serious trouble mate!
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    Static electricity

    Static electricity, a truly amazing phenomenon!
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    NOT Your Average Road Convoy....

    Hard a starboard, she won't answer the helm captain! holy crap - did you see that poor guy cranking on the wheel to make that first turn! wonderful to see that much history rolling down the road again! thanks for posting that.
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    The Path to a Happy Valentine . . .

    definitely does NOT mean beautiful!!!!!!
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    Ford's War Effort Prior To Pearl Harbour

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I've often wondered what that day would have been like for him. We have the good fortune to have 2 B-24 liberators flying here in the US on regular tours. They both come to the Santa Rosa and/or Napa airports at least once a year. Last year I took a ride in...
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    Ford's War Effort Prior To Pearl Harbour

    B-24 J Liberator: SN; 44-41171 (J-200-CO) (CO designation = built at Consolidated Plant in San Diego Service 15th AF, 376th Heavy Bombardment Group, 512th bomb squadron Plane # 24 in squadron (to the best of our research) Plane named “Crusader Rose II” no other nose art Crew...
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    Ford's War Effort Prior To Pearl Harbour

    That was a great find! My father was a B24 pilot. Always pissed him off that the B17 got all of the glory in films - well, it was a better looking plane than the B24 "flying boxcar"; but was, at best, only it's equal in performance. David, I promised to type up a copy of my dad's war diary...
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    H beam or I beam rods

    Jac Mac really needs to chime in here but I've always heard "I beam for road racing & H beam for drags" - - - cant' remember all of the logic, but it had to do with the I beam handling the rapid / constant acceleration / deceleration of road racing. Dave
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    How lucky is this man ?

    Larry, look closely, it's very dim, but the car DID signal the lane change! motorcycle guy should buy a lotto ticket - cuz he's never going to have a lucky day like that again!!
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    Ford GT Calif. vanity plate will become available.

    Ok, I sold my GT40 to an out of state (out of California) buyer. I still have the Vanity Plate MK1 GT40 on our truck. As soon as the illegal alien rush for driver's licenses dies down, I'll be turning it in and getting a standard plate for the truck. If anyone is interested in this...
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    How much space

    that's plenty of space! Hell, the Sheik built both of these in this garage!!
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    Unfinished DRB GT 40 for sale

    Car has sold - many thanks to all who inquired about the project. Dave Harris
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    Should guns be banned in the United States? Your thought.

    Ahhh, thanks Pete - read the other thread & the light bulb came on (granted it's a dim bulb I have, but it did come on!). Dave
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    Should guns be banned in the United States? Your thought.

    Really Pete - - again??? Must be a slow day is Aus.
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    Collins' Custom GT40 MK1 Build

    ummmm - - how do you plan to get the rear body work open to work on the engine with the cross ram manifold overhanging like it shows in your solidworks drawing????
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    Unfinished DRB GT 40 for sale

    Farhad!! - great to hear from you oh-ugly-one!! are you living down south full time now - - or do you still need to return to keep the wife happy every 6 months or so?? I'm retired now - so next time you come up for air - give me a call!!!
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    Unfinished DRB GT 40 for sale

    Thanks John! Dave
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    Unfinished DRB GT 40 for sale

    Price drop - now asking $30K + additional photos