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    351 c Aluminum block

    Right The iron is a cleveland but the aluminum is Windsor,can build a clever out of it...
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    351 c Aluminum block

    Good job! That's it... Thanks!
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    351 c Aluminum block

    Awesome! Appreciate it will do...
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    351 c Aluminum block

    Can't find it but someone had a aluminum block for sale here a while back... In need of one.. Thanks Bob
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    1972 Pantera #1538

    Location is Colorado, USA
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    1972 Pantera #1538

    Poster car in 1996. Have an original poster can see some for sale on eBay. 30,000 miles. 351 c with webers on Hall intake. hall oil pan roller rockers forged pistons. Runs and drives/handles good. Does not use oil. Nitrous system in working order. All gauges/lights work. Newly upgraded lay down...
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    Late Intro and Some Fun News….

    Enjoyed watching the episode on Lenos Garage good job!
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    Late Intro and Some Fun News….

    That's cool yea there are quite of few with that paint scheme... Nice to be different worked out really well.. Have seen a Mk1 that was dark blue with almost fluorescent green stripes looked better then I expected.. Gorgeous cars for sure..
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    Late Intro and Some Fun News….

    Wow very impressive... How cool is that. Also would have never guessed that those wheels would work so well with that green looks nice...
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    R C R 917's and a 962

    Hello Fran, Hope all is well... Need a front clip for a 962,was wondering if you had one that was for sale... Thanks Bob
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    Roll Cage question .......

    Im no expert for sure, Have been saved by a roll cage a couple times. Both in a modified open wheel race car. Steering shaft almost got me was solid put a collapsible in after. Have survived a head on doing 65 in a stock 1st gen Dodge other guy hit ice and came in my lane going about the same...
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    Cav 39

    Hello all, Just curious if anyone has been around Cav 39 Silver with black stripe. Hoping to learn a little history on it. Thanks
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Very nice job on build... Going to be a great car.
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    962 Porsche replica

    Making some more room in the shop.. This is a high quality 962 running and driving replica. Rear clam and front clip are carbon fiber. Came off a 962 c race car in good shape. Wing is adjustable. Nice square tube with aluminum tub chassis. Haven't weighed it guessing around 1800 pounds...
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    ***SOLD*** Cav for sale ***SOLD***

    Thanks everyone car is sold...
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    ***SOLD*** Cav for sale ***SOLD***

    2005 post 100 wide body. 7100 miles Dropped floors 6 piston willwoods on front 4 piston on rear knock offs 90% mich pilot tires 5 spd polished rbt 427 w dart block 550hp 205 heads All forged internals Jim inglease Weber 48s custom built Smith gauges Comes with complete fuel injection setup...
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    That was a nice first start sounded good.
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    Fuel tank and pump setup with return style regulator.

    You bet let me get it out storage will send some pics....