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    Hi ya!

    Hi ya!
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    302 engine id

    Hi Simon, It's a 1986 EFI spec Ford piston, original C/R is 9.2:1 for this motor, the good news is it's forged so that can be sorted.
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    Heard the one about the Duck?.....

    Nice one. Here's one that'll do me no good but I had to share it.... A big ugly guy walks into a pub with a HUGE parrot on his arm.. Now this parrot is about four feet tall with a wing span that must go about ten, maybe even fourteen feet... this thing is bigger than any bird he's ever...
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    New year wishes.

    `Alco' limbo' explained. On or around the 23 Dec' all bills/telephone calls/work pending or in process stops. Alco' Limbo' starts.... On or around 03 Jan' `Papa Doc Sober come a knocking`, when the hands stop shaking and colour returns to the body the new year starts, and `round and `round we...
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    New year wishes.

    Right back at ya mate. It's alco' limbo' time again, catch up with you all in a couple of days when reality comes crashing back in again! Have a good one!
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    Ebay's a funny old thing and everyone seems to have a different opinion of how things should be done but as Jim has pointed out, it's an auction, so the guy with the biggest pockets usually wins. Personaly the `spot it and post it on the forum for all to see` idea doesn't sit that well with me...
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    Upright interchange

    Hi Jim, The simple answer is no, any changes you make are going to have a knock on effect and will demand other changes. Changing uprights can effect pretty much everything from wheels through brakes and even right back to the chassis suspension mounting points. Only go into these sort of...
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    Valentino Rossi in Kiwi WRC

    Paolo, from what I can see so far you may have heard that wrong. Perhaps it should have read "Rossi will be last in part of New Zealand rally." There's no doubting the guys tallent on a bike but I've a feeling the rally driving will remain a passion and not become a full time job for the lad.
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    Can you use...

    Hi Lynn, Hopefully the Boxster Getrag parts supply will be OK in a few years, it's got to the point with the GTO gearbox now where we can get everything we need but it's taken some time and the prices are eye still watering, but that's supply and demand for you and there's every sign that the...
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    Can you use...

    I think one of the reasons people stay clear of the 996 is evident in between the lines of the "What's this trans" link, if you read into it carefully. There seems to be a strange factory purchase system with Getrag transmissions. As I read it, it works like this: Lets say for example that I...
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    Hi Chris, I think the issue will be "the bolt kit and everything else". Who was this bolt kit supplied by and was it one that was recommended or sold to you by the people that sold you the long block or the manifold? It does look as though you needed longer bolts to spread the load further...
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    Holley Double Pumper - which way round?

    Lee, you'll know if you've got it wrong, the car slows down when you put your foot down :)
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    FE revs?

    Well, it turns out that the 410 shares exactly the same balance as the early (pre 10Nov'`68) 428s. I've managed to get a copy of the original Ford blueprint for the 428 flexplate so it will be in balance anyway if used with the standard 427 (not Le Man) rods and factory 410 pistons. Even the...
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    ZF 5DS-25 Ring-gear Bolts

    Sounds like you got there just in time (and are very lucky to have no damage) glad to hear it.
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    I wonder

    That's interesting, can you post a couple more pics, some closer shots of the diff from a couple of different angles and a good look at the main shaft?
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    Audi 90 transaxle

    As I understand it, and this should be taken as a general rule and by no means definative because developement of different models and the changes made didn't all happen in any given year, the medium and full size Audi manual cars from `76 up to around `82 had four speed 014 (or type 088) boxes...
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    ZF 5DS-25 Ring-gear Bolts

    I'd have thought this to be pretty unlikely, by the time these bolts got loose enough for you to actually feel it they'd normally have got ripped out completely, that, if it happened, you'd know all about! If it's clunking and your sure it's coming from inside the transmission it's far more...
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    Useful trans comparison

    ZF-5DS used for $2000, I'll take 10 please! Were they really this cheap in 2002?!?!
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    Driveshaft Suppliers

    Hi Simon, Give Recoprop in Luton, Beds a try, they do a fair bit of `one off` work and should be able to help.
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    clutch slipping

    There's a good way of dealing with this sort of cr*p that I would recomend to all other users of the same opinion. Simply make a note of our John's email address on a scrap of paper and take it on a little tour of registration required email sites. Remember to tick the `Yes` box to all the...