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    Hello Andy, Can you go into more detail on what to look for when checking the shift mechanism? I have a GTD with a UN1-13 that is hard to get into 1st. Seems like the gate is super tiny compared to the others. Thanks Robert
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    Weber Throttle Linkage

    Gents, I am about to go from a single 4 barrel to 48 IDFs. I would like to see any pictures of your set-ups and more specifically any bell crank arrangements. My current cable runs straight down the passenger side of the current set up. I am hoping I do not have to change my cable, so the...
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    ZFQ gearshift, central mounted

    That is the same shifter from a late 80's/early 90's Toyota. I know, because I installed one in my car last year. Please don't misunderstand me though, it works like a champ!!! You can buy short shifter kits for them as well. Robert
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    Knock Knock

    Doug - Yes, the push rod is what I meant. I was able to find the head as it snapped off in one piece. My hypothesis is that the set screw was over tightened. Comp Cams, and several other youtube videos, emphasize to only tighten these down to 25ft lbs. Seems that there is some underlying...
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    Knock Knock

    Gents, Good news and a bullet dodged!!! I discovered that one of the roller rocker nuts had snapped the head off. The rocker backed it's way off far enough to turn 20 degrees and come completely off the valve stem and push rod. Unfortunately it bent the rod, but other than that, I am back in...
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    Knock Knock

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. Robert
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    Knock Knock

    The balancer was my Father's first guess since he helped with whole front end overhaul. We did not put in any additional bleed offs anywhere and I don't believe the fuel is an issue. The car has been driven since then, and no timing issues have come up.
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    Knock Knock

    Yes, the knock does speed up with increased RPMs.
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    Knock Knock

    Unfortunately, this is not the start of a joke thread! While driving around the other day, I developed a pretty nasty mechanical knocking that started low and progressed much louder over just a couple of miles. Engine sputters and lurches, but I have not lost fluids or noticeably blown anything...
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    Roundel Lights

    Thanks Gents.......I was able to find the MGB ones stateside. Robert
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    Roundel Lights

    Hello Gents, What lights were typically used for the lighting of the roundels? Are these just license plate lights, or is there another route? Thanks Robert
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    Coolant Pressure

    I have a 15lb cap for a 302 SBF in my GTD, but someone suggested that may be too high. I don't recall it ever popping to the expansion. I keep chasing a leak around the water pump. Recently replaced the timing chain cover to a version better suited for shorty water pumps. I run my tester up...
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    Need a Gurney Bubble for my RCR40

    Just sent you a PM. I have one that I don't need. Unless they find a cure for 5'6" soon. Robert
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    Shorty Water Pump

    Been chasing a slight water leak for a while now. Found out that stock timing chain covers don't work well with shorty water pumps due to the absence of the two internal bolts. Go that rectified by going with the Jegs timing chain cover, but I think the rubber gasket between the pump and the...
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    Weber 44 IDF s GTD Mark 1

    Thanks Brian for the heads up!
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    Weber 44 IDF s GTD Mark 1

    Paul, Does your engine nose down like mine? Has to do with the UN1-13 gearbox and the alignment of the half shafts. I am looking at doing 48 IDFs from Inglese. His link is below. 48 IDAs are 10 7/8, but IDFs are shorter. Home Robert
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    DFW GT40 group meeting in December

    Thanks for the invite Bob, but I can''t make it Dec. 12th. I promise to make it to one of these meetings with my GTD. Until then, a picture will have to do. Thanks again, Robert
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    DFW GT40 Group November Meet

    Hi Guys, We need to all get an email list together. I did not see this thread until today, because I don't check the forum as often as I should. I am bummed, because I would have shown up. BTW, here is mine parked in the garage. Hopefully, I did this right. Robert
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    First GT40 gathering Dallas/Texas

    Gents, Unfortunately, I can not longer make it this weekend. My oldest daughter now has a softball tourney and I will happily be performing Dad duty. Please keep me in the loop on further get togethers though. I still want to meet everyone. Thanks Robert
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    First GT40 gathering Dallas/Texas

    Hello Gents, Just now getting to the thread. I am in Frisco as well. I have swapped some PMs with a couple of you guys. I am in for Oct. 17th barring any objections from the Minister of Family Happiness(a.k.a my wife). There is a Bone Daddy's on the tollway in Plano that could work. The...