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  1. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    After a long wait my CAV is finally complete! night and day difference from when I got it, to now. Comfortable, easy to drive, sounds great. Looking forward to a fun summer with the CAV.
  2. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    We do, it has not been re-installed yet.
  3. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    Nearly finished, seems like it’s been a “few more weeks” for a few months now. I’m very happy with the results.
  4. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    Update: new wiring and fuse box going in. Original system leaves a lot to be desired.
  5. Wawrecker

    Dual tank EFI set up?

    Here’s a little better picture. You can see the T fitting that combines the tank lines to one. Should be on the chassis dyno next week.
  6. Wawrecker

    Dual tank EFI set up?

    Below is what my builder, J&L fabrication came up with. 3/4” crossover line, single fuel sender, running through the below single pump set up to feed Inglese EFI. We are we week or so away from running it.
  7. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    Hey Cliff, I appreciate the note, I have seen the discussions on this site about the issues of the early CAV uprights. I am looking to replace them all as a Fall/Winter 2023 project. No track days will happen until then. I'm not sure which uprights to go with. I know Jordi at CAV has released...
  8. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    Couple more progress photos.
  9. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

  10. Wawrecker

    Incoming CAV GT #41

    What started out as a rear main leak that’s turned into a complete rebuild of the car. Shaver racing rebuilt the aluminum 427, now putting out 600hp on pump gas, Inglease injection, RBT refreshed the ZF, new steering rack with improved bump steer geometry, custom leather seats to maintain OE...
  11. Wawrecker


    Is this the ac piece thats mounted left of the engine? If so, I have one available. I relocated mine to the front to open up space.
  12. Wawrecker

    British pound vs USD - wow

    Couldn't have happened at a better time for myself. I started the process of buying a specialty demolition excavator in early July from the UK. Since then I am at a 15% savings on a significant amount of money. I see a lot of inventory over there getting tagged as sold recently.
  13. Wawrecker

    NO longer for sale here************

    It was floating around the various GT40 Facebook sites without a price listed. Sounded like it was headed to BAT.
  14. Wawrecker

    ***SOLD*** CAV GT40 Mark I For Sale ***SOLD***

    Beautiful car and good luck with the sale, should sell quickly. I'm curious about your rod shift linkage, is that detailed in your other post? Can you post pictures of it and describe construction? Thanks
  15. Wawrecker

    Thinking of selling CAV GT40

    The car is still in process of a rebuild. Engine is at Ron Shaver racing, ZF is at RBT and still waiting on the Woodward steering rack. This process has taken significantly more time than I ever expected. I had the seats rebuilt to increase comfort but retain the OE look. We did a test fit last...
  16. Wawrecker

    ZF Transaxle information wanted

    Ron, what mods have you done to your ZF to get it to handle that power?
  17. Wawrecker

    WTB Ricardo transaxle

    I have decided to stay with the ZF.
  18. Wawrecker

    Barrett-Jackson SPF gt-40

    I assume the rhd and racing orientation limited the buyers pool. The CAV selling for $225,000 including buyers premium is good for all.
  19. Wawrecker

    RBT TRANSMISSION, Wanted ZF/RBT for 1969 GT40.

    I may be selling my ZF 5 Speed out of my CAV. Let me know if you have any interest.