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    24h lemans

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I bet there are a few forum members with slot car tracks! Kind regards Julian
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    Docking Radiators Have you had a Failure?

    Gents, Just reviving this thread to see how your GPI racing radiators have faired after a couple of years use? Kind regards, Julian
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    Cooling System Plumbing

    Howard, This is the most clear and concise description of how a cooling system should work, backed up by experience. Thanks for taking the time to post! Kind regards, Julian
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    Non traditional seats?

    Tillett B4 works well for me.
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    Norfolk Tornado

    Andy, 12000 miles in 5 years ! That's fantastic, you're obviously getting a lot of use out of the car & that amount of miles is a testament to the build quality. Great work :) Kind regards Julian
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    Another trip done and dusted.

    Brian, that's fantastic ! You've done more miles in one weekend than I've done in the last 12 months :) Kind regards, Julian
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    Sue Baker RIP

    How very sad, she succumbed to Motor Neurone apparentley. Thank you for sharing.
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    Hi Nick, I got lucky, I found a private sale nearby. It had been fitted but never used. There are a few in the UK on Ebay if you're looking for one. Kind regards Julian
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    Thank you all for your input & suggestions. My new digital 6AL is installed & fully operational. I would have liked to send the old unit back to MSD for repair but shipping costs & import duties add a lot to the repair costs so it was cheaper to source a new unit here in the UK. The digital...
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    Driveshaft phasing with CV joints

    Thanks Brian, I appreciate your input. To clarify, I am not mixing UJ's with CV joints. Apologies for any confusion caused.
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    Driveshaft phasing with CV joints

    Thanks Jac, I appreciate your clear explanation. I apologise, I didn't word my post very well. I should have made it clear that the half shaft has CV joints at both ends. Do the two CV joints either end of the half shaft need to be aligned with each other to avoid phasing? Or am I right in...
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    Driveshaft phasing with CV joints

    Dear All, When assembling CV joints on half shafts, should we be mindful of phasing? Does phasing only occur when using U-joints? Am I right in thinking the Constant Velocity joint eliminates phasing, regardless of its orientation? Thanks in advance for any input. Kind regards Julian
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    Thanks all for your input. After a call with MSD tech, it was established my long serving 6-AL had failed. A replacement digital 6-AL has resolved the problem. Kind regards Julian
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    Thanks David, very interesting. Looks like the 6-al will need replacing or repair.
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    I have heard of other failures but I should add my MSD ignition system has run faultlessly since I installed it 16 years ago, I've driven numerous track days, sprints etc. Sorry if you've had a bad experience with MSD, I guess QC isn't what it used to be.
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    Thanks Randy, I think you are right, the 6-AL could well be the problem. The coil, leads plugs, rotor arm & distributor cap are all new. The inside of the distributor was corroded somewhat & this has been properly cleaned & serviced. I forgot to add, the rev counter is going haywire, even...
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    MSD 6-AL spark test - scary results !

    Dear All, Can anyone help please? I'm experiencing ignition problems, I'm running a 302 with an old style MSD 6-AL pn 6420, an MSD Blaster coil pn 8202, and an MSD Pro-Billet distributor pn 8479. I check for a spark as per the MSD manual, ie remove the plug lead, unplug the green/violet...
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    There's fast and there's FAST

    Very very impressive, thanks for sharing !
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    Header tank plumbing

    Thank you Gents, What are your thoughts on plumbing the header tank to the heater return inlet on the water pump ?
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    Header tank plumbing

    Dear All, When plumbing in a header tank, do you take the outlet from the tank to; tee into the top hose? tee into the bottom hose? (water pump inlet) or direct to the water pump? Just wondering which is favourite. Thanks in advance for any input. Kind regards Julian