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    Master Cylinder Sizes

    You have a few dependencies, namely disc diameter, caliper bore diameter, pedal length/ratio, clutch size etc. Like Richard said, you have to start somewhere and then test the clutch for effective release, and put your car on a brake tester at your local test station to check for front/rear...
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    rear view Camera

    Garmin are introducing a GPS SatNav with a reverse camera option, the screen automatically switches to Camera when reverse lamp comes on. That's where I'm going. Tony.
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    SPF Headlight alternative

    I don't know about the SPF, but I changed my KVA 100/60 H4 lamps which gave an 'OK' output to HID versions, 2x 50W, and was amazed at the difference. You will need a couple of wiring changes, and of course, they are unlikely to be legal in California ! Tony.
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    Farewell Message

    Yes, Sorry to see you go. Let me know if you're visiting Tasmania, then we can blow the froth off a couple. Thanks for everything you've done for the GT40 enthusiasts Club over the years, Tony.
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    engine popping

    If the fault is ignition, read the MSD hints and tips. There is a reference to the very high voltage ionising air in the distributor. I changed my MSD to a compatible 'Streetfire' unit, which seemed to lower the voltage slightly, now no problems. If the popping is as you describe, it would...
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    un1 slave cylinder

    Hello again, I cannot find anyone who is selling the Girling M2472 1 inch master cylinder, but I have found who make a similar 1 inch (25.4mm) master cylinder. Part numbers are: OBPMCN17, or if you want an integral reservoir version OBPMC007. Parts are in stock, so I'll be buying...
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    un1 slave cylinder

    Correct. I have a 1" Girling master M2472 which I believe was once used on 1970's land rover. I have the Renault 25 Delphi LL21520 slave cylinder pushing an AP Racing CP2394-14 clutch inside a R30 bellhousing & Ford Essex flywheel. This works fine for me, 12000 miles and no problems.
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    Hi, I stick with a 600 CCA. Originally it was to turn a Lucas starter motor, but now changed to a reduction-geared starter motor although I've retained the 600 CCA as it gives a good level of spare capacity. Good previous comment on the cabling, I will add make sure you have one heavy Earth...
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    KVA VIN number?

    Hi Ole, My KVA chassis was built in 1992, and was the last one made before Ken closed for business. It came with no vin# at all. Not only that, I had no receipt, in fact no paperwork at all. I stamped my own Vin #, as there was no way to get a Vin from a company which had ceased...
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    Bleeding Brakes

    As I understand it, the pedal gets hard after repeated pumping, but softens when inactive. I'm of the mind that says that it is the main seal in the master cylinder which relaxes back to it's inactive position gained when it was sat on the shelf for months before the build. You've got the air...
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    Classic Le Mans 2016

    The GT40 Enthusiasts Club have covered the LMC 2016 plans in their magazine, Fortyfication. There is also an email interest list for those club members who want to get involved. The magazine is free to all members. I'm taking my GT40 to Le Mans, and taking advantage of the club benefits. Tony.
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    Le Mans Classic 2014

    I nearly missed the apex in the last chicane in the dark, co-pilot Jan shouted at me to turn left, which I did blindly, and she was right! Tony.
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    Le Mans Classic Track Laps

    Don't forget you need infield parking! Tony.
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    AGM Reminder 18/05/2014

    I would like to thank the committee members for re-standing for the new club year. Without them, and any other members who wish to join them, there will be no club. In previous years I have always been in Australia at the time of the AGM, but the later date meant I could attend, but it was a...
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    Le Mans Classic 2014

    Let's get this one on the road! I'll be there, in fact I've never missed one. Tickets on sale now, and if you want to get your GT40 inside the racetrack each day, then Join the GT40 Enthusiasts Club ! as the club will have an infield GT40 display ground. In previous years, the...
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    Fortyfication 100

    A very good read, with the added bonus of Wifey enjoying the distaff articles ! Time to get my LeMansClassic tickets bought now. Tony J.
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    Le Mans Classic 2012.

    We will be sharing a big old farmhouse in Brette-les-pins. Within earshot of the track, lots of secure parking and a swimming pool... Oh, and the farmhouse is now full ! Hope to see you on-track on the Saturday parade. Tony.
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    Tornado brake problem

    Trevor, I have a KVA but the issue is pretty much the same. Apart from Andy's tried and tested formula, you can buy the parts from Rally design. I have 320 mm disks front and back, with 4-pot Superlite to the front and 4-pot Dynalite on the back inside 15" wheels. I had to get some machining...
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    Drining fuel tanks on a Tornado?

    Trevor, I drain my tanks down every winter by disconnecting the fuel supply from the carb and running a pipe into 5-litre containers. Then I just run the fuel pumps. If I tip the car backwards as well, this gets rid of even more old fuel/water. Unleaded fuel doesn't have a long life, so I add...
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    what is the current position re 15 inch tyres?

    Here are some pics of the 275/60R15 : Tony.