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    RCR 40 MKII Difficulty.

    Ask Fran if he needs any volunteers at the shop for a month or 2. This could give you an idea if you are ready or not for the build.
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    Clutch set up for 347 SBF and Quaife ZF

    Hi Guys, My RCR will be arriving later this year, so I have begun getting the needed engine and trans parts for the build. I will be using a SBF 347 and the Quaife ZF transaxle. I do not anticipate any track time, just for the street. I am currently looking at a McLeod 157 tooth aluminum...
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    ZF trans axle on club cobra scam?

    I wish that guy would sell that thing. Hard to believe he has shifted to Club Cobra now. I guess he gave up on this forum. It would be an interesting build in a Cobra.
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    That seems a little too easy. I think they could tell if you swapped pan, pick up, and tray. As well as the 4 main cap bolts.
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    Yep, I thought of that, but if I purchase an engine thru Summit, I am not sure that it will be possible. A phone call should be able to answer that question - same with the pan and pick up. Although the pan and pick up would seem to be less of a warranty related concern if there was a problem.
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    I did get confirmation from Fran that the Canton pan will work fine with his RCR chassis. Now it just needs to get here.
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    I agree with you and will be installing one. My reluctance is that the tray bolts to the main caps and I really did not want to mess with the main caps on a new engine with a 3 year warranty. I can see the engine builder saying that it was my fault since I removed and replaced 4 cap bolts...
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    Thanks for the comment. I am using a Quaife transaxle and Canton did say that their pan will work with a 347 stroker. I have asked Fran about any clearance issues with an 8" deep pan. We shall see.
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    The Canton pans are 8" deep. From what I have found, that seems to be the standard. The additional quarts come changing the size of the "box" added to the bottom of the pan. Yep, a torn off pan would ruin my year....
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    Is it worth putting in a 427 side oiler?

    Fran knows best - he has built a few.
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    I am starting to get the needed parts for the 347 I plan to use when my RCR gets here next December and I will be using the Canton 15-630 oil pan (9 qt.). I doubt that my GT40 will ever see any track time, so is a windage tray needed? Any concerns about the longer stroke of the motor and the tray?
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    Is it worth putting in a 427 side oiler?

    If originality is a concern, build/get a 65 with a 347 and a ZF as I am doing with RCR. Fran convinced me that the FE was not the best choice due to lack of space for the AC compressor, which is a must for me here in AZ. I do have a 428 in my Cobra, which has been trouble free now for 5 years...
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    Engine Builders for RCR GT40 Chassis

    When I met with Fran at RCR in September, he suggested looking at a crate motor from Jeggs or Summit, since they have a 30 month/50K mile warranty. After Craft going down, Summit may be my choice for a 347 SBF by BluePrint Engines.
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    Exhaust Finish

    Hi All, I am getting ready to place my order for an RCR40 and what to the know the pros and cons about the bundle of snakes finishes. Any info and choices made will be helpful. Marty
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    Superformance MKI Sale on BAT

    This ERA may have set a new sales record. The history that comes with this GT40 is unparalleled.
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    ZF 5 DS-25/2 for sale

    Hard to believe the guy is still pushing the same pictures of this post today. I found this ZF on two UK sites - and He responded to my email and said the transaxle was ready to ship, just wire him 7K and he would get it shipped through UShip. When "it is...
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    Hi Hank, I am envious of your progress and your shop. I have just started my search for the GT40 I have been wanting for decades. Soon enough I suppose. Enjoy the build. Martin
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    New to the forum

    Thanks Neil. I would like to find an owner in Tucson rather than Clicks dealership so I am not taking up sales time. Are you aware of any GT40's in Tucson? Interesting that two guys named Neil/Neal are the only guys to respond other than Randy the Administrator....
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    New to the forum

    Hi All, I am a current Cobra owner and want to find a local GT40 Owner here in Tucson or Phoenix that can help me understand the differences between the manufacturers, show me their GT40, and get a quick trip around the block to confirm my wants. Hopefully there is one in the area. Thanks in...