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    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    Larry, Don't poke the bear.
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    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    Larry, how dare you call my longtime friend (purchased in 1971) a dog! And please get your facts correct. The 3 speed non syncro in 1st gear transmission was an option in 1955. How do I know, I was there! P.S. you don't know sarcasm when it walks up and slaps you in the face.
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    Mid-engined ‘Vette

    So they finally came to their senses and only offer an automatic. Was a good idea 65 years ago.
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    On vacation in the Phoenix area and fuel cell question

    I live in Goodyear and have a CAV gt40. Send me a PM with your telephone number.
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    The big problem with people leaving is that when they move they bring their dumb *** ideas with them. My state, Arizona, was a good place to live until all the Calli's invaded in the mid 2000's. Now we elect socialists to the Senate. God help us. Oh wait a minute, I can't say that anymore!
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    Bill, I think you under estimate California's ability to pass and enforce laws. Nothing coming out of gonzo land could, would, or should surprise anyone. There are rumors that Cali wants to secede from the union. If it were only true!
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    GT40 Avenger

    I agree with Neil. The Avenger never was, never will be a GT40 type car.
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    One early suggestion, get that **** bicycle out of the garage where you have your GTR. Nothing good has ever happened when there is a set of handle bars around a nice car.
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    May Niki Lauda rest in peace

    Met Niki when he visited Boeing to buy his first 737. Long story about his dealings with Boeing. Shown is a picture of the two of us at the delivery of his first 737. Cant get the pic to attach. Sorry
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    An option if you miss the political discussions we had in the Paddock.

    Its been nice over the last months without all the political harangue and dueling personal attacks. I wondered how long it would take those who lost there place to vent all this diatribe. Now we know. My position remains the same, if you want political rancor, there are 1000's of websites you...
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    Four Post Lift Recommendation

    I have a All-Car-Park-8 four post 8000lb. lift in my home garage. This became a necessity due to the fact I had four cars and the community I moved to only had three car garages max. The ceiling is just over nine feet high. The garage door tracks and the opener had to changed to accommodate...
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    Wouldn't it be cool to trailer your Mercury GT40 with a F-I Mercury pickup. Sure make all those Acadian owners jealous!
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    License Plate Solutions

    Bob, I doubt that very many states would accept installing a plate inside the clam. Has anyone else tried this installation.
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    Barett Jackson just sold a 2011 SL-C - anyone here?

    Most of the big auction companies allow sellers to establish a minimum, a reserve, which gives the seller some control over selling their vehicle. Barrett had more than 1800 cars for sale at Scottsdale and only three very expensive cars had a reserve. Generally, replica and or kit cars don't...
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    License Plate Solutions

    Here's a pic of my plate on my CAV. Had to trim the plate slightly. Note the backing plate that mounts the backup camera. Also, I do have an extra large 40. LOLLOL
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    Filling Tanks--Fuel Cutoff

    So Chris, what have you determined about miles per gallon from your car? What size engine do you have and do you know what your final gear ratio is?
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    Show us your GT40!

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    GT40 For Weekend Cruiser

    Bill, you are asking the wrong question. It's not how old we are, it's how young are you. My bosses used to say to me when I was a youngster, its not what you think you know, its what you don't know!
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    GT40 For Weekend Cruiser

    Dwight your definition of a fun weekend and mine are polar opposites. I agree with Cliff Beers that using a 40 for a "weekend" transport is not a good idea. These cars were designed for a single purpose and it wasn't for a weekend getaway. Even taking my car to a local show really stretches...
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    Hey Walt, looks like a Chicago election to me. I still say that Zimmer is really sweet.