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    24H Le Mans 2021

    Hi Paul Yes. I'm not even sure if the ticket office is open yet. I think the ACO want to be pretty sure the 24 hours will go ahead, as they wont want to have to go through all the trouble of refunds etc.. The site that controls inscriptions for Marshalls doesnt have the Classic or the 24 hours...
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Hello Paul Excellent news. We did actually meet a few years ago at the British Welcome in St Saturnin, Le Mans. Hope you will bring the car at some stage. Regards Stephen
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    Bits and pieces

    Headlamp photos herewith.
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    Bits and pieces

    Tank photos herewith. Just to confirm, dimensions are length - 146 cm, width - 19cm and depth - 21 cm.
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    Bits and pieces

    Hi Eyebrows gone. Will post photos of tanks and headlamps shortly. Also I'll post dimensions of tanks. Following now also sold - Rear Discs Rear Hubs Rear Brake calipers CV joints and driveshafts Stephen
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    Bits and pieces

    Chassis, including roll bar (requires building) £800.00 2 doors with inserts £500.00 2 "Eye brows" for doors £40.00 2 Rear "snorkel" / periscope (as per Mark 2) (Tuba) £150.00 Various rear panels (Alloy and Stainless Steel) £30.00 each / pair Front single vent panel £100.00 2 Fuel tanks (ex KVA...
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    GT 40 Mk3

    Hi Paul I don't really have an answer for you, but may just be able to point you to a site that may be able to help. You may have already seen this. There is a guy called Ivan Lees who has been building a KVA Mk 3. Not sure whether he's finished it or what, but the site is at
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Hi Paul I think we met up at the British welcome in Le Mans a few years ago. The car is looking fantastic. Unfortunately I have now sold my GT40, and moved on, but I really hope you have as much fun and enjoyment as I had with my GT40 over the last 25 years. I'll look forward to seeing you...
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    GT40 Tail Lights

    Hi I've got Simca 1000 rear lights coming out of my **s!! Not necessarily in the best of condition. Always check the vide grenier and auto jumbles. Stephen
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    A door question

    Hi I am currently restoring a Lotus Europa S2. I was very surprised when I took the windscreen out that the roof sagged !! I suppose it is another confirmation of the true Chapman genius of getting components to perform more than one task. The windscreen not only protects the occupants from the...
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    5/8 scale gt40

    Hi Before I built my GT40, I built a little car for my daughter. I made a wood monocoque. Now there's a thought (??). Like all these things, depends what, how, etc.. it is going to be used. Have fun anyway. Regards Stephen
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Hi Nick Don't agree. Re-read your first post and stick to it. You can always build a southern gt after you've completed what you started. Regards Stephen
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    GT40s en France

    Hello David Dave Bilyk was quite right when he said I'd moved over to France. We managed to do it in 2010. I am based near Le Mans, and have the great honour of being a Marshall at the circuit. Your car will receive a great welcome, as mine has. I'm afraid you are about 4 hours away from me. We...
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    GTD40 Original builders manual.

    Hi David I'd like one. Wouldn't mind an electronic version, but that's a lot of work. Regards Stephen
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    Le Mans 2015

    Hi David Great to catch up with you and meet Will. As always, shame we didn't have more time to put the world to rights. Sorry about your steak. We must remember to give that restaurant a wide berth next year. Or maybe not, as I think you did get on with the waitress extremely well. Hope all...
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    Le Mans 2015

    Hi David Lunch on Saturday in Arnage sounds good. See you just before lunchtime ?? Stephen
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    Le Mans 2015

    Hi David You going to be there on the Saturday of the test day (30th May) ? Like to meet up again if possible ? I'll be picking my passes up for the Marshalling on the Saturday, and it would be nice to see you. Regards Stephen
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    Arnage dans la course

    Hi Fred I've presumed its in the town/village of Arnage, but it doesn't exactly say where. The chap is organising it on behalf of the Mairie of Arnage, so again this leads me to believe its in Arnage. Would you like to email the guy who's organising it, or do you want me to ? Given the...
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    Arnage dans la course

    Hi For the Le Mans 24 hours week a number of meetings and shows are now being organised. One such event is the meeting at Arnage. This will take place on the Thursday 11th June 2015. I will be marshalling for the practise of the 24 hours on that day, so will not be able to take my GT40. The...
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    Le Mans Bourse

    Hi Here's the remainder I've got of the stand. There's also a couple of shots of the ACO stand depicting the great Ferrari / Ford battles. Regards Stephen