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    Battery question

    Group Purchase? Lithium Batteries - EV FORUM - ELECTRIC VEHICLE FORUM If he is into EV's he probably already knows about this goup buy for Lithium Ion batterys being organized. I am curious as to what type of system he would be building though. I am sure he as done his homework but those...
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    Audi 6-Speed schematics...

    Find out what the application is for the box and email me. I will dig up a repair manual for it if I can. I dont check the boards much anymore so email will get a better response. alanda eric at hotmail dot com
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    How to do to unsubscribe?

    Pete, please see post #14. I didn't mean to come across as criticizing Ron. He does more than he gets credit for I think.
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    How to do to unsubscribe?

    Ok just to clarify. I think Ron and Lynn do an excellent job at moderating, better than most other forums out there and my "old boys club" comment was not meant for them. Some members tend to openly "attack" others (when they should just keep it in PM's to a member or moderater) but will let it...
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    How to do to unsubscribe?

    Wanni. I know where you are coming from. I used to read every post religiously every day, post where ever I thought I could help etc. Now I read about 1% of the posts and dont visit for weeks, and very rarely contribute to a post, even when I see some misinformation printed. I lost interest a...
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    VSS Signal on 01E

    This is for an Audi tt but I suspect it will be no different. pin 1 blk/wht-12v, pin 2 wht/blu-signal, pin 3 brn-ground. If you dont have the pigtail, take a guess as to which is 1 and which is 3, sensor will be fine. I suspect if you are looking at the sensor connector with the locking tab...
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    Cad Drawings and open frame design

    Henro, not sure who you were talking to but I sent you a dxf file of mine. Keep in mind, it is not complete or "cleaned up" so you will find alot of usless lines and parts as you open up the layers.
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    Cad Drawings and open frame design

    My pic is raw. I built that to get the general dimensions right for the chasis to fit suspension and body. I didnt do any triangulation in that pic. Right now it is alot further along. That is kind of the idea. Some people have access to FEA programs so could run them through while others have...
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    Overall Dimensions for MK1 body

    How high above the deck are the wheels? I dont have my bodywork here but I seem to remember the inside to inside measurement of wheel arch to wheel arch is 70". Add in the flare, it will be a squeeze. If you can just put the frame on first then place the front clip elsewhere, you should be ok.
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    Cad Drawings and open frame design

    Arking- go here Performance Trends and download the suspension analyzer program. Install it, inside you will find that someone has gone through the effort of measuring all the C5 suspension points. It is accurate. If you want to do the S2000 route, next time I get one in the shop, I could...
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    I've found a G50/00 what do I do now?

    Tranny is fairly easy to take apart. If your mechanic friend has rebuilt alot of manual trannies, this one isnt anything special. At 70 000 miles, assume it needs a rebuild. At the very least, the 2 big main support/thrust bearings will need to be replaced and new synchros are a good idea...
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    PC oscilloscopes? Free one, other than $0.50 worth of hardware. If your interested, I will draw out the schematic for it.
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    Cam Sync Sensor Wiring

    "But the cam sync keeps coding in the ECU even though it seems to be running ok. " Is it possible to set the cam sensor trigger point to exactly what the ecu wants and then see if it still codes? How long does it take to code? I am thinking if it could code during 20 seconds of cranking then...
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    Chassis plans

    C5 front arms are very long, if you are trying to maintain the right track width, it will come at the cost of foot room. I have basically given up on the arms and I am planning on fabbing my own. As for people not giving out blueprints, it is too easy for someone to "copy" your drawings to...
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    Pretty much all you will find aftermarket now (around here anyways) is a 5 wire relay. Look at the wiring schematic on the relay itself. That one is set up so that there is a normally closed (30 to 87a when the coil is not energized) and a normally open circuit (30 to 87 when the coil is not...
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    Cam Sync Sensor Wiring

    May as well try it the other way around if you havent all ready.
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    Cam Sync Sensor Wiring

    Did some checking in alldata. Pullup is internal to the sensor so all you have to do is hook the sensor up to the battery the way you think is right and put your voltmeter on dc volts between ground and the middle wire and slowly turn the sensor, you should alternate between less than 2 volts...
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    Cam Sync Sensor Wiring

    Go here and download the one that says "soliton". Build the simple circuit shown towards the bottom of that page. Then you can hook it up to your sensor and read the waveform. TO use the program, you need to hit record...