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    Ken Attwell (KVA GT40 Replicas)

    I done the same thing...met my girlfriend at Heathrow, then on to South Wales & stayed the night with Ken... drove the Red xr3i next day...put down a deposit. RIP Ken.
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    Chris Cole

    John Law...JL Engineering, London...rebuilds Alpines, 5 turbo,s ETC....good guy.
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    Clutch relase fork GTD40 Renault UN 1 13 box

    Fred, Update with a Renault Alpine 610 clutch fork, from any Ren. dealer...broken pins are a common fault on UN. boxes...I have 2 Alpines...I know.
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    UN1 dowel pin location

    Andy, You may have movement on your the oval definately have the WRONG bolts... A2. 8.8 stainless are not strong enough & the washers are the wrong MUST FIT PROPER 12.9 FLYWHEEL BOLTS & no WASHERS. EDDIE.
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    Porsche 917 - am I crazy?

    Graham, Are you at Zandvoort this weekend for the Historic 3 day event. Eddie.
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    I need help - How do you adjust / setup / balance your ITB / 8-Stack?

    Markus, I understand what you are saying...fig 10 to me looks about perfect...the rods are straight & the pivots are at 1 o,clock...remember you have 8 throtle bodies, any kind of pedal movement will make the engine sound sensitive...personnally I have mine set up this way & love the short...
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    I need help - How do you adjust / setup / balance your ITB / 8-Stack?

    Markus, When I look at pictures 4 & 5 off your central pivot, you have what we call over centre pivots...meaning your rods are to near 12 o,clock to permit smooth action of the control you draw a line through the center of the pivot at 90deg. to your TB,s the bolt hole for the...
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    I need help - How do you adjust / setup / balance your ITB / 8-Stack?

    Markus, A little tip...I always allign my rods with their relivant fixing , then tighten them OFF the central pivot...It may take a few goes to get them correct...with the left & right threads... but I find in the long run it,s better...check you do not have to much upward or downward angle on...
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    I need help - How do you adjust / setup / balance your ITB / 8-Stack?

    Markus, You cannot set your ITB,s with just the have to disconnect the 2 rods from the central pivot... I use a motorbike 4 meter set up...50euro... that I have calibrated using a known vaccum... individually set your ITB,s one by one using the vaccum from the inlet
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    David, Who modified the throttle linkage to suit the Toyota 4 age TBs, on your inlet system...I have the same set-up but cobbled the mods myself & your,s puts mine to shame. Cheers Eddie.
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    My v8 mid engine project

    Stephen, I don,t want to hi-jack your thread...but Bert, I,m building something similar hear in Leiden...a Renault Alpine which I,ve converted from rear to mid engine with a rear chassis section built by myself...ex-FIA mechanic & fabricator...I would be interested in your knowledge of the RDW...
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    Hi Da, I,m building something similar...a Renault Alpine... converted from rear to Mid-engine...

    Hi Da, I,m building something similar...a Renault Alpine... converted from rear to Mid-engine with a reversed rear chassis section ...built by myself...I would be very interested on your knowledge on the RDW rules on my converted chassis & how to keep it legal...I,m in Leiden. Cheers Eddie.
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    UN1013 leak

    Howard, The genuine Renault gearbox seal has 3 lips...2 lips that seal the shafts & 1 that is a dirt extruder that fits against the output hub...check Micks Renault gearbox pdf. & you will see the differance in the seals Cheers Eddie.
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    DIY. pedals.

    I have just purchased, from a member, a set off S.S. those who have constructed their own...I want to modify the lower pivot point to accept a ball or roller bearing with hardened pin assembly...can you advise me on what type of bearings you used. Cheers Eddie.
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    Clutch Slipping

    Geof, 228mm OD.x 21mm spline is standard Renault 25 or Atmo Alpine fitting...any good parts store will supply a replacement...I know I,ve just installed 1 in a customers Alpine. Cheers Eddie.
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    FS AUS Left Over RCR GT40 Parts and Other Parts For Sale

    Jason, I,ll take the brake pedals...price to include shipping to the Netherlands. Cheers Eddie
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    Remote clutch bleed nipple assembly

    Geof, Yes it does as most bolts etc. on Renaults are 7mm & are specific to Renault...the bleed on the Ren. 25 & Alpine turbo slave cylinder has been altered to M10 x1 & uses a brake fitting to allow the bleed nipple to be relocated on a steel brake line with the nipple on the could use...
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    Remote clutch bleed nipple assembly

    Geoff, On the subject off cylinders...the differance is...N/A GTA, Ren.25 cyl. thread M12 x 1mm, M6 bleed nipple, no Goodridge fittings...GTA turbo Ren.25 T, cyl. thread M10 x 1..std. brake pipe fitting or fittings available from Goodridge...I have the Goodridge part no. if required as I have...
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    Remote clutch bleed nipple assembly

    Geoff, If you look at the Renault Alpine turbo... 86 on... they have a system where you bleed the clutch from under the car...simple steel pipe with a bleed nipple on the end. Eddie.
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    Frank's KVA Build

    Frank, That front panaling turned out OK...looks it fully removable...nice to see you back in action... it can,t be 3 years since I was last at your place...will bring the 6 barrel Alpine down one Sat. Cheers Eddie.