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    Ford Performance Crate Engine

    Randy, my interaction with Prestige has been spectacular. Just FYI as you make your decision… Chet
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    302 Engine Wanted

    Doug, I highly recommend Prestige Motorsports in North Carolina. They built my 302. Chet
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    That's an outstanding job Sean!
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    Sean, I’ll be very interested in seeing pictures of your modifications to shorten the nose cone as well as any modifications to the transmission needed to make it work. Thanks for posting this information. Chet
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    need G50 clutch install help

    Like Sean, this thread was a great help to me when mating my G50 to my Ford 302. Fantastic forum! Thanks everyone! Chet
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    Prestige Motorsports

    I forgot to mention that I also got a free T-Shirt....;).
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    Pics on posts

    On my iMac, opening the picture and then rotating it 360 degrees then saving it works to make sure the picture shows up correctly when uploading it. I've no idea why this just does :). Chet
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    Prestige Motorsports

    After the frustratingly horrible experience I had with Craft Performance Engines (now out of business) - and following advice on this forum, I ordered the engine for my RCR40 from Prestige Motorsports. I guess the correct phrase is I ordered another engine for my RCR40.... My experience with...
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    Rear Clip

    LOL! But Bill the key phrase in Richard's post was "Not the best idea if you have women folk around".... Back years ago I kept the engine and transmission of a 356 Porsche in my living room while I worked on it. Yes as a matter of fact I was single at the time....
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    Rear Clip

    "I am building a roller cart that stores both front and rear clips while we do chassis work..." I realize this is a very old thread but I'm wondering if anyone has designed/built a roller cart like this? Or come up with a better method of lifting the front and rear clips off and on their car...
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    Any posted info and suggested actions would be very helpful and much appreciated. Chet
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    As I feared….Their website confirms they’ve closed their doors. Unfortunately I am among the customers with a pending engine order and deposit. If anyone else here learns the name or contact info of the unnamed attorney they mention on their website as handling the close out of their business...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    When will you start building a flying car? Seems like a natural transition for you guys!
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    RCR40 shifter mounting bracket

    Hi all, After considering several different ideas I had seen on the forum on how to mount the RCR40 shifter (LHD), I decided to design a slightly different solution. It mounts the shifter flush with the passenger side of the spine and it sits a 1/4" higher than the top of the spine to permit...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    I really need to carefully check the date whenever reading Chuck’s posts…. ;)
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    Heater Coolant Plumbing...

    Just reporting back that I decided to install an auxiliary water pump for the heater instead of running another heater hose through the spine. The pump I bought came with a rubber isolation bracket that I bolted directly to the floor in front of the firewall. I had wanted to mount it on the...
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    RCR40 Dash covering? Anyone know?

    There is a 2016 RCR40 for sale today on Bring A Trailer. I noticed these pictures of what appears to be a textured vinyl/leather covered dash (along with stitching on the edges). Car is being sold in Texas. Does anyone know who does that covering of the dash? Or perhaps the builder of the car...
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    Heater Coolant Plumbing...

    Hi all, Like Kim I have hooked up my heater in my RCR40 with two lines coming from the hot and the "cold" hoses from the radiator. Since I live in Naples, Florida chances are very good that I would never have discovered if the heater worked or not since I would never have needed to turn it on...