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    Gear/shift knob

    See ralphs post on page 2
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    Gear/shift knob

    I turned a shift nob out of Walnut for my RCR GT40. About 10years ago. Oiled walnut finish still looks great. I am a retired Professional wood turner. Could turn shift knobs out of just about any wood or some types of plastic. I would need outside profile dimensions and tpi of inside threads.
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    Looking for T70 or GT40 project

    I would like to sell my daily driver RCR GT40 call Ralph 6163997089
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    Chasing P1055 at Goodwood

    Is anyone from the USA going to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood ?
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    Minimum HP and TQ

    RCR gt40. 302 crate engine allum head roller cam quick fuel carb. On the dino without a header 328 hp @ 6200 rpm, 332 ft-lbs torque. 016 aaz transaxle 160 mph at 6000 rpm. It's way more car than I expected. Ist gear is way to low maybe good for a parade. 2nd roll on the gas and hold on. It's...
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    RCR and Superformance

    I too have a RCR. Just finished. With RCR you are the builder. You can take your time and build it to your level of fit and finish or toss it together if you are happy with that. I made the right decision as what kit to buy. The engineering of the car and components was spot on. Everything...
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    Best license plate for a GT40?

    I like FERREBTR
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    Making a Shape out of Fiberglass?

    Ron Take a look using Bendable plywood for the form. Look up u tube. (Rowleycompany1) a short bit of info on what bendable plywood can do. It is also made in a MDF version.
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    Two sets of chassis plates for sale

    ron I'll take the other set Please pm me for your address Thanks
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    wanted full size gt40 wall mural

    Full size gt40 picture or line drawing, side view to stick on the garage wall. I don't have a car yet. I just want to see what it looks like in the garage. It should really get the attention of my wife.
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    Fact or Fiction?

    Audie Murphy most decorated soldier of WWII ?? Please review the record of Lt Col. Matt Urban also awarded the Medal of Honor in WWII along with many other awards. Has as many awards as Audie Murphy maybe more. However when you are compairing acts of this nature and at this level it's a very...
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    Hey Ron, I want to make a poll

    Could the poll include purchase date, arrival date, current estimated % of build completion, and the date they have all been working on and looking for. BIG SMILE DAY. Date they first drove it on the street legaly ? Nice idea Bill Lindy
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    GTD on EBay

    As I live in Holland,Mi.I had to take a close look at this 40. That was about a month ago. Asking then $60,000 Talked to to the sales person who was willing to let me drive it home for $6,000 off the asking price. He started it up in the small showroom and with no mufflers that was a experience...
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    GT40 Crystal

    To those of you who didn't get one of john's crystals you missed the boat. Sorry car/crystal. The detail is simply outstanding. Put the crystal in the beam of a low voltage halogen light and the image just jumps out at you. Very nice. I have had loads of questions, how did he do that? Whats...
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    ford SHO V8 in a gt40

    Has anyone thought of using a Ford SHO v8 in a 40. Lighter than a 302, higher rpm, less torque ? Would it fit? I have access to one.New in the crate.