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    MK III For Sale

    jeez- I hope one like this comes up when I'm ready to buy. Makes me wish I wasn't moving to Alaska. What kind of 6 does it have?
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    4wd GT40?

    weren't the bond cars all front engine? sorry, couldn't help throwing that in again.
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    So what's your license plate gonna say ?

    Re: So what\'s your license plate gonna say ? how about F8K4T or F8K40
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    The trip to Knott's Berry Farm...

    Re: The trip to Knott\'s Berry Farm... doesn't matter. He flies BELOW the radar.
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    not bad for an avenger

    I know how strongly people feel about the old fiberfab Avengers on this site, but I think I may have found one that people don't hate too much. About the best looking one i've ever seen.ebay auction
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    OK: What is your PRESENT daily driver?

    1998 ford contour SVT. Black, beautiful and completly stock. Paid $10,000 with 22,000 miles 2 years ago.
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    knottsberry Farm

    So. A guy I work with just got back from a family trip. He casually mentioned to me that there was "some kind of car thing down at "the berry farm" (as he called it)," that he thought I would have liked. He said the only one he really remembers is, "some really tiny car with weird doors."...
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    Photos of my ERA GT

    are those header by the infamous geore at Kustom Metalwerks? Either way, I dig those puppies.
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    list is somewhat short, but not too bad for a meer 22yr old. 1. 1988 pontiac 6000 LE (1st car- fell a sleep at the wheel and rolled it 3 times) 2. 1968 'stang- C-code 289. nothin much here- fun and cheap for a first project. 3. 1967 'stang GTA fastback. Fully loaded w/ a 390 punched to...
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    how old were you when you bought your 40??

    odd question, but one that some of us young guys wonder about.
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    spaceframe GT40 kit

    well, why can't someone make a single donor GT- 40 kit using only ford parts for around $15000?? OH CRAP, I sound like MEAT
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    Gt 40 w/ indy four- cam

    pretty much my first exposure to the GT 40 was an article in one of my dads books. It is in Petersen's Complete Ford Book (1973). It covers the "freshening up" of P 1027, using an indy four- cam engine. Does anyone know if this car is still around or if it still has this engine? I would...
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    WTK:GT40's,and machine guns?)

    Re: WTK:GT40\'s,and machine guns?) and 4 .50 cals, and 35 M16s, and 4 M203s, and the coup de grace', 2 Mk 19s.
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    WTK:GT40's,and machine guns?)

    Re: WTK:GT40\'s,and machine guns?) not really recreationally. Maybe professionally. I have 8 M249s. Does that count? I also really enjoy grenade launchers.
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    Using a take-off Mustang motor

    you might want to talk to Windsor- Fox. They know pretty much everything about swapping EFI 5.0s into older ford production cars. They can probably help out with any special harnesses, etc you might need. they are at
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    Best KIT for the buck.

    Sorry it took me a couple days to get back- for some useless background, I'm in the US army, and things are CRAZY right now. Thanks everyone for the posts- I got some great info to work from now. Hopefully I'll be around here some more just to look around, and even more WHEN (not if) I...
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    Best KIT for the buck.

    I would really love to get into a GT40 kit (replica, copy- whatever you want to call them), and am wondering what the best kit for the buck is. I am mostly concerned with handlin, performance, and price. I am also about 6'1", and around 210 lbs, so it would really help if I could FIT the car...
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    anyone here ever slap on a turbo/ supercharger?

    paul- is it just me or does the guy in the left corner have wood? I know i would.
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    anyone here ever slap on a turbo/ supercharger?

    I'm in the wishing/ planning phase right now. I was just wondering if anyone has used a turbo or a supercharger. Maybe a paxson novi 2000 on an EFI 5.0.