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    Paring Down Fourms

    [ QUOTE ] The problem I have with Fierro based GT40's isn't that they are based on's what they end up as.... wrong motor facing the wrong way..... MikeD [/ QUOTE ] Yeah but I still have a V-8 & I have about 9 inches more interior room than you do. All on the same...
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    Paring Down Fourms

    [ QUOTE ] Let me be the one to call the 'kettle black'. Yes, Fiero may be a half brother and kept in the basement. For the money invested that’s where he belongs. A true enthusiast wouldn’t bastardize a legend like that. The Fiero based cars I’ve seen, three to be exact (one GT40, two...
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    Paring Down Fourms

    Well since you asked. I have a problem with the GT40 LookAlikes section. Isn't that an oxymoron? With the exception of the very few "real" GT40's on this Forum, aren't they all LookAlikes? I have a few Fiero based GT40's. I can build 3 GT40 replicas for what some of you have invested in...
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    Which Manufacturers will be at Carlisle?

    I'll be there, I'm always there. Archie
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    Fiero Based V8 GT40 Replica

    What do you think of this nose?
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    OK, I am ready to be flamed

    For those that can't afford another divorce, there are people out there that are able to build a quality GT40 at a decent price. you just gotta look a little harder. Archie
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    Is it really possible obtain a $50KUS GT40 replica?

    I'll call it the working man's GT
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    I'm Happy about the Kit Car Builder Cover

    Re: I\'m Happy about the Kit Car Builder Cover AFAIK, Barnes & Noble is the only bookstore that carries Kit Car Builder Magazine. You can also Subscribe to it by joining the Kit Car Builder club at Now as of a few minutes ago there is one Barnes & Noble store...
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    I'm Happy about the Kit Car Builder Cover

    I\'m Happy about the Kit Car Builder Cover My Car has the cover of Kit Car Builder, Color me Happy
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    So what's your license plate gonna say ?

    Re: So what\'s your license plate gonna say ? Archie
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    Tow Vehicle?

    2000 Silverado extended cab Z71
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    Subscriptions/Donations Enabled

    See the red star? Now I'm one of 'yas!! I can feel the love already. Archie
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    Subscriptions/Donations Enabled

    [ QUOTE ] Does that answer your question? This is a very worthy cause. The money is a paltry sum, compared to the value of the information available here. [/ QUOTE ] Yes it does. For the value of the information available, it appears to be a heck of a deal. Thanks Archie
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    Subscriptions/Donations Enabled

    [ QUOTE ] Click on "Subscriptions" at the top of the main page. [/ QUOTE ] I've done that but it doesn't explain what the difference is between the 3 levels. Archie
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    Subscriptions/Donations Enabled

    Is there a place that explains the difference between the Bronze, Silver & Gold levels of support? Archie
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    Bad-Ass Engines

    [ QUOTE ] Hi Archie, Please post what has been your experience (good or bad). There are couple of other guys who may also be interested in your particular cituation and thinking of buying from this vendor. As an example I have an FMS 345HP crate motor that is crap but I would not say every...
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    This is how the wheels should sit in the arches on a GT40

    Is the Door & rear clip Ajar in your pictures? Do you have any interior pictures? Archie
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    Bad-Ass Engines

    [ QUOTE ] Thanks, JP I think I will go with him. He has been totally receptive to chassis dynoing the motor. [/ QUOTE ] HOLD IT!!!!!! I just saw this post....... I've had one of his engines..... You should call me at the shop 847-304-4480 tomorrow. I don't have the time to post up all...
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    GTD on Ebay - California

    No offense to anyone but, Just imagine how high the bids would go if the seller just took the time to roll the car outside and take some pictures in the daylight where you can see what it looks like. My pet peave is when a seller just can't be bothered to take some good pictures of the car he...
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    GT 40 Critics...

    [ QUOTE ] .....if I was going to grab an A pillar it'd be his. [/ QUOTE ] ROFLMAO...... We don't know each other that well, yet.