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    Can anyone relate to these pictures?

    Fantastic pic(005) of 1073 with the unique Paul Hawkins rear clip. Registration B 133 . This is the original Terry Drury car that was wrecked by Tom Fry at the Brands Hatch Guards Trophy meeting in September 1968 and then subsequently rebuilt with another chassis " It was registered for...
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    Very cool GT40/Cobra tool

    Got mine 2 days after I ordered it ,great customer service from Sarto . Marvelous to do business with a great enthusiast and made in USA . The tool is beautifully made and a pleasure to use . Cannot believe I have waited 20 years to get a tool like this ,Its awesome !! I have wasted 2 Halibrand...
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    I understand from another forum that the car was in an accident with another car on Sunday . The GT40 got the worst of it and was heavily damaged in the rear . The race was red flagged because the track was nearly completely blocked by the two cars.
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    15" racing tires - which are the best for the track?

    I run Dunlops 600/1200/15 cr65 rear and 430/1160/15 cr65 front . As Ian stated they don't have a problem with heat cycling and they wear surprisingly well . I am ready for another set and would not consider getting any others
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    So... where did the virus come from?

    I am with you all the way Howard . Good to see you are still feisty. I had the opportunity to buy some new Chinese mining equipment recently . F'em .Will buy refurbished old iron from here in US .Things have got to change . Every time I drive over the new Bay Bridge I shudder at the thought of...
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    WANTED - Large Hadron Collider

    Gentlemen ,and I use the term loosely, one can find the basics to your requested Collider under Texas ! I worked on this project prior to its demise by William Jefferson Clinton in 1993 . Damn Interesting America's Discarded Superconducting Supercollider Nice tunneling ground and would...
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    Original GT40s at Classic Le Mans

    Ok ,note to yourself don't get near the computer when you have been celebrating and drunk way too much !!. Sorry ,for that price I bought it myself !!!! Gurmey heads , man was I wasted. Apologies to all.
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    hello from Southern California Southern California ,its too hot . Come join the Norcal boys ! Welcome GW
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    Original GT40s at Classic Le Mans

    Ok have a new chassis (FIA certified )that we could not get to LM this year. including Gurmey Westlake Heads $150,000 (Shropshire), Our boy James is now 3rd in British Rally Championship and we need cash to continue . Graham Wozencroft Motorsports Napa,Ca
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    Party! Party! Party!

    Howie, Superb get together ,better every year ! Great videos ,tales and eats .I hope your missus was not too fazed with the mess we left .Faili ,we know your not in Mexico and we are coming to get you next year if you no show .Missed the blingmeister and you could have helped us with...
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    USA GT40 Gatherings for Summer '07

    Howie. Betty looks fantastic ,I love the front fins and the black rims !. Cannot believe I am not going to be with you up in Reno at the track I did not think I would be available to go ,but now I could have and I'm bummed out.I know the track day has been booked out for months so its not...
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    J40GT birthday party on Silverstone GP circuit

    Malcolm, Congrats on your cars 15th birthday. I am curious about the "noisy day" at Silverstone since no db maximum is shown and the next event at Snetterton has a 105 db limit. I have been able to run open pipes at various circuits in California and I just get under a 103 db limit with...
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    GT40 pics

    And the last.
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    GT40 pics

    And a couple more. I really like this car.
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    GT40 pics

    Some more pictures of the car at shelsley walsh hillclimb.
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    Party Party Party

    Enjoyed seeing everyone and thanks for the excellent burger and adult beverages Howy.I particularly liked the deviled eggs your missus made,outstanding .Please thank her for her efforts . Great company,everyone chatting about 40’s and video on 40’s playing in the background ,cars parked outside...
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    Party Party Party

    Howard, Count me in too, will be great to see Betty with the uprated tranny. Are you and any of the NorCal gang going up to the Shelby Mini Nats XX111 at Infineon on 22nd,23rd 24th ? I am running on sunday 24th and Steve Beck is also signed up for sunday with his new transaxle so...
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    #1073 Sale?

    Auction Don, Went to preview the sale on Thursday last and met up with a friend and big player on the auction scene, who told me that there was only one real interesred party in the 40 as far as he knew. Perhaps the sale was not so good for Bonhams. I think the Can Am cars stole...
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    Infineon Track day

    Keith, Yes Chris is correct the track is Sears Point ,always will be ,but is known as "Infineon Raceway "since it is sponsored by them. No free Audi at entry unfortunately .The track has plenty of elevation changes and is a fantastic place ,they have spent tons of money on it since being...
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    Infineon Track day

    Ron, I believe the red mirrors are for looking behind. Actually,as you will notice in the 2nd pic ,they are color coordinated with my driving gloves and bloodshot eyes. Its a Kalifornia thing ,as my mentor Faili would say.