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    some question

    Paul, I don't believe they have got chassis 1075, unless on temporary loan from the States. The car shown in your pic is 1969 form, but I guess it is a replica. After all, Ford keep dressing up 1008 in various guises (even MkII) and pretending it is something else! Cheers - Peter
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    Import of Q plate UK 40 into USA

    Thanks, Rick. I'm surprised it is so straightforward - getting reg in Europe would be beaurocratic nightmare
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    Import of Q plate UK 40 into USA

    Anyone know the procedure for getting a Q plated UK car road legal in the USA. This is a 1980s car with no chance of passing IVA type test now.
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    What’s up with this GT110/X-1?

    It's true that many of the details of this car are not as per 110 as it won at Sebring. However I have read somewhere that 2 of these lightweight chassis were built and numbered 110. One of them was used for McLaren's X1 and subsequently the Sebring roadster. It is also true that the remains of...
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    Docking Radiators Have you had a Failure?

    Further to my last comments, I should say, my car, 9 KVP, has been subject to pretty rough treatment over the years, been to many comp. venues, Uk and Europe, usually driven there and back, has flown through the air off yumps, humpback bridges etc, suffered Belgian roads at speed. Although...
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    Docking Radiators Have you had a Failure?

    The original rads were, I think, mounted on two angle brackets, one each side about 2/3rds of the height, which pretty much eliminates any effects of chassis flexing. I surprised that there has been no mention of Radtec at Cannock, UK, who make replacements to this pattern for those I know who...
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    At last a car guy reviews Ford v. Ferrari, a Motor Trend editor

    I'm surprised and disappointed really that so many have taken this film at face value. Ken Miles shared one of the first 7 litre 40s - 106 I think, at LM '65. This undermines the whole premise of the film. The J car in which Miles died testing in 66 was designed and built by Lunn at Karkraft in...
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    Owner of GT40 MkII P1015?

    Last I knew 1015 was part of the ( late) Larry Miller Collection in Utah - on the same site as the Shelby collection I think. Bill Murray, who restores/curates/ drives the Shelby stuff, drove it in the 2006 Le Mans Classic and all the GT40 Enthusiast Club 40s drove round the track with it and...
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    Hello from Lancashire

    Just a small point, Eddy, The Club meeting will not be at The Bells over Peover in August, back there 1st Weds Sept. Suggest you go onto , join up and I'll add you to my email group to keep in touch with NWest events and builders. Hope to see you at the Gold Cup or other...
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    Fast Car Festival, Donnington

    Latest news re this event - the deadline for booking club entrytickets is now put back to June 9th - so you have plenty of time to join us!
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    Fast Car Festival, Donnington

    Just to clarify the last post re instructions for Donington, 'click Club Show Entry Tickets' means enter the number required 1 for driver or 2 if you are bringing a passenger - then also the vehicle pass further down. Deadline is 26th May for Club tickets and passes. After that you would get a...
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    Fast Car Festival, Donnington

    We have now committed to this track session - is scheduled for 2.20 in the afternoon of 2nd July, the session is GT40 exclusive - normal trackday speeds and conditions. We will have a large display area as well. Cost is 50 pounds per car, payable via Tim Martin. Also required is an entry pass...