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    GT40 final finishes

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    Hi Wonder if your GT40 has an Audi 4,2 l engine. Did find you at GT40 Enthusiasts Club ...

    Hi Wonder if your GT40 has an Audi 4,2 l engine. Did find you at GT40 Enthusiasts Club :: Register Item Mine has an 4,2 l Audi engine (GT40 Enthusiasts Club :: Register Item) . So intrested to see some pictures how the engine is lokking. Br Atle
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    From Norway gratitude:)

    Thanks Ian! It was your answer that solved my hole problem in the end. I brought this to the authorities. Always good to know a little history :) Thanks again. I refer to this: Hi The Original CAV bought the right to make GTD Chassis and bodies and call them CAV. That company went bust - and...
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    From Norway gratitude:)

    Hi I have been at this forum a while (2006) but never introduced myself. For me it started because I wanted a AC Cobra. So I followed some years when a saw the GT. I knew then I had to get one someday. I live in Norway so both the tax and the rules for replica cars make this...
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    A door question

    Yes that is a problem. But I don't think many GT40 owner uses tight parking places. If I can't open the door fully its almost imbossible to get in/out. Lambo doors?
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    Identifying my CAV.

    What number is your car? I am working on a webpage that is supose to cover my car and its journy (it is not finished but worth a look :
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    Identifying my CAV.

    Nice:) you have my email if there is something I can help with. Looking forward to se the rebuild:) Atle
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    Information about early CAV

    Hi Rune Sorry for the Norwegian. Som jeg sa til deg tidligere har jeg nettopp gjort dette og sitter på en del dokumentasjon. Min er også en tidlig CAV (#74).Ikke sikkert jeg kan hjelpe men du kan nå meg på [email protected] eller 93088985 br Atle
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    Identifying my CAV.

    I have #74 (in Norway) so if you any questions you reach me at [email protected] My car was completed in the Czech Republic and its also GTD chassis. Has the car been titled in Danmark? br Atle
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    Rear fender light

    Hi can somebody explain what the fender tail laight is (looks blue or green)? I see some of the replica has it (not mine). Like in this picture
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    cav first generation

    Update: Last Thursday I finally got my title and the plates.(after 1,5 years of struggling). I did spend the whole day at the traffic authority's, but finaly I got them :) So if anybody need advice/help in Norway just contakt me at A[email protected]. I think I almost had every problem there is;)...
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    cav first generation

    Thanks all of you:) And thanks fore the tips. :) Without this forum this would be impossible in Norway.
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    cav first generation

    Hi again! Now they have decided to approve the car:) But they needed Total weight, total front axle weight and total rear axle weight. Since this is a GTD CAV said that this depends on the engine and drive-train. I have already got papers that the frame can hold an v8. They suggested that i...
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    cav first generation

    Yes, sorry for the delay. Still struggling with the authority's. But CAV did confirm the vin and components. They are very nice peoples. So the chassis is ok. But the engine is still the problem. In the original title papers there is another engine. So problem. I have to have a documented year...
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    KVA VIN number?

    Hi I am doing what Rune sayed. Its not easy, but maybe I can help. Is your build finished soon Rune? send me a PM
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    GTD40 Original builders manual.

    Hi. I have been looking for a specifications list or building manual for the GTD40. Br Atle
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    GTD-40 specifications list

    Hi Does anybody have the GTD building manual or specifications list? I did find some pictures in here but didn't make reading it because of the size. -Atle
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    cav first generation

    Thanks :) Built the garage just for the car :) her is the garage build if anybody is interested : Garasje
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    cav first generation

    Thanks guys, I'am so grateful!! I have sent cav South Africa a mail and got a respond that they will search :) I have already invested all my money in this (12 years of savings in this.) and the car is finished. In Norway the tax is twice the sum as for the car so I needed it as old as possible...