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    What kind of car are you?

    Evidently I'm a Nissan 350Z. Interesting since I have a 240-Z and a 300ZXTT in the stables here at home! If I change just one answer though, I become the Lambo Murcielago. "You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get...
  2. J

    Crocodile hunter gone..

    Very sad to hear. I always loved watching his show.
  3. J

    Pantera Results

    I love turbos.
  4. J

    260Z Dyno Plot

    Hey all, I haven't been on here in awhile... been busy working on a new toy! Yes, for those interested I did pick up a 1973 Datsun 240-Z. I just bought a rolling shell... nothing but a body and enough suspension to hold the wheels on. Hey, what do you want for $150! Anyway, I've started...
  5. J

    260Z Dyno Plot

    Certainly no point in building a non-competitive car! I don't think I want to be limited by the production rules though. I'll probably just find the class that closest fits what I already intend to build and adjust my ideas accordingly... even if it is a very competitive class and I get my...
  6. J

    This is going to make building a GT40 harder

    Congratulations! Despite all of the stereotypes, they are truly on their way to a career in a distinguished profession marked by integrity, strict moral discipline, and being a model for all. I'm going to be graduating from law school about this time next year. I think my professional...
  7. J

    Amazing supercharged dry sumped 'small' block.....

    Re: Amazing supercharged dry sumped \'small\' block..... I found a website awhile back with a miniature blown small block chevy. It was pretty amazing! That one was a little bigger if I remember correctly though... something like 300cc.
  8. J

    260Z Dyno Plot

    Hey Ron, I do plan on building it to be tech legal for SCCA. I've never done an SCCA event, but I could see getting into it when I build the car. I'll need to consult the rule book for all of the specifics, but as far as the frame goes I'm doing my weight estimates using the required wall...
  9. J

    the Pope..

    It is very sad indeed. He is in the prayers of many, including myself.
  10. J

    The ultimate "paint job"?

    Re: The ultimate \"paint job\"? I know of a guy with a '69 Camaro that is painted the same. It is beautiful! Not really my cup of tea for a car... but to each his own. You can see yourself in it almost as clearly as looking in a mirror. Just be careful you don't get any rock chips or...
  11. J

    260Z Dyno Plot

    The only reason I'm thinking I might tip the scales a little over 2500 is that I plan on building a full space frame chassis for the car. I've been designing the space frame using a program called GRAPE. It will be mild steel, and I'm guessing that the entire frame will come out at about...
  12. J

    260Z Dyno Plot

    Hey Ron, I'm in the planning stage of building a 240 or 260 to be an all-out corner carver. Great little cars. I'm planning on the V8 swap myself, and shooting for a curb weight of under 2500 pounds. Should be a good time!
  13. J

    Guess who is getting married

  14. J

    test picture

    It's a bummer not having space for a project. At present, I don't have any garage... (apartment living) but fortunately my folks put up with having me store my Camaro there. Problem now is that I'm looking to do a second project... and I don't have any place to put it! I need to get a house.
  15. J

    test picture

    Hey Dan, I remember your PM. I had just forgotten who it was from! Say it ain't so about the Camaro! I understand though. Gotta keep the family happy first. Could always build a second garage. ; )
  16. J

    These would all fit in my garage.

    Yeah, all those and no shortened GT40??? Let's see how it looks!
  17. J

    test picture

    Nice RF and Camaro Dan! I have a '68 Camaro and hope to have an RF someday!
  18. J

    Another project in the Shop

    Awesome! I'm a big fan of the 60s American Muscle. Although... my baby is a 68 Camaro so watch out! ; )
  19. J

    New GT at Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly VA

    Yeah, I was really surprised to see it sitting outside! Good grief!
  20. J

    now i will be banned..:)

    I'd like to stick one of these in there! 214 cubic inches... 340 pounds weight... 560 horses @ 8000rpm and 420 # torque @ 5500rpm. Oh yeah!