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    Door handles, outside

    Fran Hall seems to have a nice door handle and latch kit at RCR's website, look under the parts link. Good luck!
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    Demister grilles

    Gentlemen, I'm interested in a grille. Please put me on the list. I have a GTD. Happy Holidays. Thanks!
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    Value of GT40 replicas and company survival

    The GT40 platform is extremely complex and features many expensive and hard to find (and duplicate) components. Unlike Cobra replicas, many using "donor" cars for suspension, drivetrain and brake systems, the average GT40 replica uses few items from a donor vehicle. In our attempt to produce a...
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    Camelot for Sale Thread Continued

    Re: RE: Camelot for Sale Yikes! This is really beginning to stink. The guy has to be a tool - robbing Peter to pay Paul... I hope you guys can get him to pay back what he owes you. That is a pretty nice pad - 6 bedrooms, a $1.6 to $2.3 million pad here in Southern California. Good luck and...
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    Donations for Roaring Fourties Legal Fees

    I'm in. This situation is really troubling. My heart truly goes out to those that had deposits on file, and it is my hope that the RF group finds a way to refund all, if not at least some, of the monies deposited. I think too it's time to appreciate and support reliable and dependable...
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    Great service from Tornado.

    Absolutely. As a matter of fact, way back about 18 months ago, Andy had referred me to you, to see your car as an example of a TS-40. At the time, I had a customer interested in a GT 40 replica, and we were considering Tornado. Subsequently, the customer went in another direction and ended-up...
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    Great service from Tornado.

    Recently, I needed a few items to complete my GTD, I checked with Andy at Tornado Cars in England. They had what I needed, the ordering was fast and easy via their online parts list and e-mail, three weeks later I had my parts. Good quality, friendly service, no BS. Nice job to the guys at...
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    Thermotec disaster

    I\'m not certain on the chemical properties... ... of either product. I do recall however that Jet Coating was not available in a chrome formula (that could have changed). Either way, I feel your pain, it seems way too many products advertised these days lack the proper testing before hitting...
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    Thermotec disaster

    Are your pipes Jet Coated? The reason I ask is on a Cobra we built a few years back we had a similar problem with radiated heat. In our case, it was coming into the passenger footwells, so we spoke to an exhaust guy and he recommended jet coating the headers and side pipes. Viola! The problem...
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    Got my Tires Tonight

    180° headers Hi Bill, Congrats on your car. If you need some exhausts set up for your car try Mesa Muffler in Costa Mesa. They built a custom set of exhaust headers for a Cobra we built and they are more than capable of setting up a system for you. I would assume for a heck of a lot less than...
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    History of the Lucky Horseshoes

    The Lucky Horseshoes you speak of were a marketing symbol used by Gulf Oil in the sixies. If I remember correctly, the slogan that accompanied the horseshoes was "get that kick" or "put a kick in your tank" - something to that effect. We had a Gulf dealer just around the corner from where I grew...
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    Thanks, and my God bless you and yours this holiday season. Happy Holidays to all on!
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    Uprights needed

    Try 1989 through 1997 T-Bird IRS units. They beefy and plentiful and with some creative suspension geometry they just might work. Good luck.
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    Willowsprings Los Angeles Shelby Club Event Sept 24-25, 2005

    Re: Willowsprings Los Angeles Shelby Club Event Sept 24-25, Thanks for the reply Sandy. Although my status for the event has changed, my wife has informed me of a schedule conflict that will prevent me from attending. I'll have to try and make the next one! Regards,
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    Willowsprings Los Angeles Shelby Club Event Sept 24-25, 2005

    Re: Willowsprings Los Angeles Shelby Club Event Sept 24-25, Hi Sandy, I'd like to participate in the event, we have 3 vintage Mustangs we'd like to enter with 3 drivers, the only problem we see is that we can only participate on Sunday. The site lists Tech on Saturday morning from 7:00 a.m. -...
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    GTD/CAV GT40 Build Manual

    Thanks for posting this Ron. As we continue our build on our GTD I'll try (and I do stress "try") to photograph any helpful steps. I'm not sure how helpful our photos might be, however, our car is a very early GTD I'm told (1991). Juan
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    New US-based GT40 kit in final development.

    CJE40 Project Cancelled. I'm sorry to say that our CJE40 operations have ceased as of last week. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, we've had to pull the plug on the project. We've encountered several obstacles in the area of manufacturing, quality control and liability that have greatly...
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    Visit to willowsprings-annaheim area

    I'm in the LA area, he's welcome to stop by our shop. We're just south of the 210 freeway in Arcadia. E-mail me for directions. [email protected]
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    New US-based GT40 kit in final development.

    Just a line to keep everyone up-to-date. Our work continues, maybe not at the speed we originally intended, but is progressing. We will be posting an "News and Updates" to the CJE40 web page next week. Right now, there isn't much in the way of photos we can share, but we are hard at work. Juan
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    New US-based GT40 kit in final development.

    It's not. I'm not certain as to who "Sean" is as I'm relatively new to this site. I don't post very often, due to time contraints (I spend most of my time working!). All I can tell you for now, is that it is for real, it's made in the USA and, it's all new. If all goes as planned, we should be...