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    Starting a GTForte Build

    Thomas, that is a very brave choice. Hope you do not live to regret dealing with Darrren.
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    Gulf Front Indicators

    Andy, mailed you a couple of times about getting info on the indicators, but no responce. Are you still offering them ? Andrew
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    Nice work Nick, like the carbon look. Andrew
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    Sandy's GT Forte build

    Sandy, just having a look at your pictures.... Think the angle of your steering coloum through the top U joint looks too great, believe it sould be less than 30 degrees but more than 10 (IVA manual, Protective Steering Section 14), maybe the picture is mis-sleading but yours looks more like 45...
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    Sandy's GT Forte build

    Nice start Sandy... Duncan is right.... the Distro is important. Mine fits on the standard mounting position but had to use the small dia distro, i can look out the detials (part number) if you are interested. Andrew PS Only 3 hours down the road if you need help or want to visit.
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Hi Rod, the chassis came from a UK supplier, but all the panels you see and the modifications are my own. The car was going to be built with parts from one supplier mainly, but over time i changed direction and it is now going to be a mixture, taking the best from a couple of suppliers. All...
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Re: Andrew's build. Thank you Michel, not sure i will ever be 100% happy with it unless i build another, but its 98% there. Sills came from the kit supplier, but I am sure anyone can do it if they have a rolling machine. The swaged flutes do however make the sill top a bit stiffer. Andrew
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Re: Andrew's build. Hi guys, sorry been very slow with the updates. Find all my spare time is either taken up keeping the Mrs happy or on the car....but work also got in the way for a couple or so months. Have now stripped the car back to the tub and spent a good few hours cleaning it and...
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    01E Cable shifter

    Hi Dave, I had the same issues, did you get the one from Brentwood cars in the USA ? I did then quickly realised it was not up to the job and designed my own with a lot of input from a couple of guys on here. See the last page of my build log, it my give you ideas Andrew...
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Also while I was getting some parts laser cut I came up with a bracket to mount the alternator a bit lower. I found it very difficult to find room to mount the alternator without it coming into contact with the rear bulkhead and at the same time giving very little room for adjustment...
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    One of the bits I have been working on is the gear shift system on the 01E. Going with cable shift and right hand gear stick, but as gear shift input shaft is on other side of the gearbox it required some thought to transfer the movements across the gearbox. I had looked at several...
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Re: Andrew's FrankenForte build. It has been quite a while since my last post, but that does not mean I have been idle. I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing the direction my build was going and the quality of the parts I was buying....mainly after talking to other builders and seeing...
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    Hi I'm Dan from Waterlooville in Hampshire (UK)

    Welcome Dan, good choice. Andrew
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    A long time since my last post but work commitments and a few DIY jobs about the house have meant i was not able to spend as much time as i wanted on the build. Also any spare time i do get i spend in the garage working, so it leaves little time for posting updates. However there has been...
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    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome Cameron. Nice inheritance ! Looking forward to seeing some pictures ! Were in Scotland, i am in Fife. Andrew
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    Duncans GT-Forte Scratch Build

    Just take a deep breath and dive in. The panels dragged on and on for me and the others i think... its just one of those jobs that has to be done. Found the fourm very good for ideas and help....someone has done it all before ! Biggest issue for me was thinking about where the services and...
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    Duncans GT-Forte Scratch Build

    Looking very neat indeed Duncan ! Andrew
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    Rest & Be Thankful 2015

    I am going to try Bill. Andrew
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> I am as it happens Renato. Rochester, NY but have a tight schedule otherwise I would drop in ! Body panels have been the hardest part for me so far, lots of walking around the...