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  1. aladinsane

    New gt40 orders

    .....and I regret buying. I still have an ear-to-ear grin from driving with you in that wonderful GTD, a rare bird she was!! Tim
  2. aladinsane

    SPF #2285 Born, But Still Coming To Life

    Re: Braces For Our p2285 . . . Nick, I have a set of canards that came off SPF2091 Mark 1 as shipped from SPF if interested. Different style than Olthoff’s that Rick posted (no gurney lip, fiberglass and squared off vs curved) I prefer the curved styling over the squared style so had a local...
  3. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    I did too Mike but I found the adrenaline being chased and ticketed by the CHP more appealing, how about you!!
  4. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    After removal of the fuel cells and replaced with factory stainless tanks I'm in need of the plastic closure plugs at the door hinge pillar holes. Where to buy? McMaster Carr had some similar but not a perfect fit. Any suggestions?
  5. aladinsane

    Fuel System Reconfiguration

    Hi Mike, Short of dismantling and re-engineering your system to a reservoir tank to feed the carbs I don't see why your idea can't work with one critical caveat. The Weber's float bowl valve seat are very sensitive to pressure, get it down to 3psi. 5psi will force the valve to raise the fuel...
  6. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    Good suggestion Rick. I'll do a full service on the front suspension but first the removal of the cell. I was hoping the filler hose access was through the plastic closure plugs as you recommend but I didn't want to break the seal until I was sure, thanks.
  7. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    Thanks a million Rick. I've never had to confirm until now but my "R" was advertised and sold as FIA FT3 fuel cells. Inspection with the front sponson cover off, appears a cell inserted in an aluminum shell within the confines of the sponson ribs. 1) What's the procedure to get access to...
  8. aladinsane

    Fuel Cell Removal

    Any threads here on procedure to 'remove & replace' a fuel cell bladder. All I can find (search) is it's necessary to remove front suspension and remove from sponson through front wheel well cover. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Tim
  9. aladinsane

    SPF p2348

    Re: p2348 are you opposed to mounting battery in the passenger foot well? No particular issues in my car other than immediate access.
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    Something is missing

    Audio Mike or they don't exist :pepper:
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    P1109, horror!!

    Way to steer that one Rick.....
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    Something is missing

    Mike, Knowing your fellow GT40 brethren admire and desire fine auto jeweler as you do, I know you're not so selfish that you would make only one set of those beautiful billet knockoff's so we're just waiting for you to tell us what a production set is selling for. But if you're sharing...
  13. aladinsane

    SHOCKS Question

    Oliver, I would be hesitant to recommend since I installed on my Tornado not my SPF. QA1 had a pretty responsive customer service that help me get the correct shock, contact them.
  14. aladinsane

    SHOCKS Question

    ^what John said. I too have had real good results with the QA1's.
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    A 917, a Head of State and machine pistols

    Great thread. Certainly reminds us again how special the men of this era were.
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    Hydraulic Release Bearing Problem

    I'm not familiar with QM so this may not apply here but in my experience with Tilton's "concentric hydraulic t\o bearings" a pedal stop is critical. If the pedal extends the t\o too much is blows past the seal, only talking an 1/8" tolerance.
  17. aladinsane

    Changing pedal location

    To my dismay, the correct pedal position for me puts the pedal fulcrum shaft right on top of the chassis cross-section. As described above, the pedal box can move fore and aft but due to the pedal fulcrum shaft being below the plane of the mounting rails it will foul on the cross-section if...
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    Kinda like seeing a movie star in real life, seeing them on the big screen your view of them is bigger than life yet surprisingly normal in person......the GT40's history is 'bigger that life' and seeing them in person your expecting a larger vehicle, never the less in person they command a huge...
  20. aladinsane

    Peter Thorp Tells the MkV Story

    Love the information Bob. It's amazing how the legacy of these cars continues to grow and it's wonderful history still living and breathing. It's no wonder the GT40 stirs such emotion.