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    Bryan's RCR40

    You won't believe the attention this car will get when you go to a cruise night, show or cars & coffee. Stay focused and don't short cut anything.
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    Bryan's RCR40

    Thought I'd mention it since I had to trim the wheel wells AND go to a slightly narrower tire to get necessary clearance at the proper ride height. I wouldn't want to see you get almost done and discover the interference. Ron Randall's shop. Metalmorphous, did that work and also fabricated a...
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    Bryan's RCR40

    Bryan - Do you plan to run the standard rear clip fender width or go for the extended flares? The 295-50's are quite wide and, at the correct ride height, may be too wide for the standard clip width. Either mock it up to approximate normal running height or make sure your spring collars are not...
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    Bundle of Snakes Advice

    My headers are RCR supplied and, like the above pictured ones, are too high and contact the rear clip requiring a small "divot" be removed from the clip area under the window. Fit is tight at the transaxle but it works. Thinking about adding a temp controlled fan to blow air past that area for...
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    i hope evryones ok in Nth US

    The area around Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, as well as New York City got hit with a lot of snow and the coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut saw some flooding from the winds, upwards of 50 mph, and an extra high tide but the Northeast seems to have survived fairly...
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    Terrorist attacks in Paris.

    You're right, Al, the change has to come from within. We will never be able to bomb them out of existence, only try to prevent individual events or react to disasters.... the Muslim community has to revolt against the behavior within their own culture. Unfortunately if it ever happens, this...
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    Chuck and Ryan's Carbon Cub Build Blog

    Very, very nice ! What's the expected all-up weight?
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    Looking for a mess in MD.

    Might want to put a range on that, Vern, either in price or at least in terms of what level of completion you're expecting to buy. Not wanting to bust anyone's bubble but cheap is not a term commonly heard when discussing these replicas and barn finds are like the proverbial hen's teeth. The...
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    CAV or SPF GT40?

    Unless strict originality is your goal, have you considered a Ford GT? Seeing as you're not building or finishing one of the replicas but instead buying a completed car. Civilized enough for the wife, yet close to the original in form. The performance factor is there as well.
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy B-day. Hope you had a great day.
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    Hello from Connecticut Newbie

    Rob, there are several examples here in Connecticut and I'm sure at least a few of the owners would be glad to let you look over their cars so you can make a decision as to what would suit you best. Also, keep checking the various forums for a car for sale. This would solve your construction and...
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    Mitch Krause's RCR GT40 Build

    Hmm... I have the exact same setup as you do, Randy; SBF 331, G50, same chassis, etc....except I have a QuickFuel 680 instead of your induction system. The carb clears the window even with a 1" spacer block on top of the high rise manifold and an air cleaner so it must be the headers themselves...
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    Mitch Krause's RCR GT40 Build

    Randy - Just one thing to watch for while you're doing the rear clip. I don't know if you can set it up for a trial fit but check carefully if you are using the headers supplied by RCR. The uppermost tube of the set I was supplied contacted the clip just aft of the cutout under the "glass" when...
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    UK Tests New ShitBomb IED

    Hmmmm, how about using ground pork for "ISIS" locations.
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    What are your Winter time projects

    +1 Jack !!! You really don't want to be here in New England right now (Monday Night/Tues early a.m.)Temps now in the teens, wind gusts approaching 60mph later tonight and blinding snow, like 5"/hr.
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    Chuck and Ryan's Carbon Cub Build Blog

    Looks great, Chuck. Keep the updates coming. PS - And I thought I had built some large aircraft on the dining room table !
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    It's Official - New GT

    Sounds like the old Chevy Monza V6 flat plane crank but with a turbo whistle. I'm sure it's super fast and agile, just isn't for me, even at a low price. Maybe it will, in the end, Keep the value of the GT and the GT40 intact.
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    It's Official - New GT

    Not awful but I, personally, can't get too excited about it. Too many angles and body lines, especially at the rear where unneeded space/cavities is/are present. Mostly it's the side view where it appears the back half of one car has partially swallowed the front half of another. Individual...
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    Another story on why Asheville is new destination..

    Hmm, and I had just started looking at this area as a place to move to in retirement. Is it all that bad?
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    Ford : Ford GT 2dr Cpe 1 owner only 1400 miles mint condition absolute perfection

    The dealer's ad cracks me up - trying to make it sound like the proverbial "little old lady owner who only drove it to church" car. Yeah, 'pristine' alright until you compare the odometer reading of less than 1500 miles with the fact that there's about 1/16" of tread remaining on the rear tires.