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  1. Stephen Ducker

    Happy Birthday.

    Belated, Birthday good wishes to you Keith ! Steve
  2. Stephen Ducker

    Wanted Ford Granada Rear calipers

    NB. original post was asking about rear calipers with handbrake mechanism, so that's Scorpio Granada or Sierra Cosworth etc. (Rears are drums on European Granada Mk1 & 2, and Cortina & Capri, apart from the Tickford.) From memory I think Lucas Girling were the original suppliers of these type...
  3. Stephen Ducker

    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    I wonder if this will be another U-571 ?
  4. Stephen Ducker

    Great bit of racing at Goodwood 77MM

    Yep, even the weather was decent this time. Enjoyed an ice cream watching the racing from Woodcote grandstand !
  5. Stephen Ducker


    Hi Ron, It was on a dealer stand, not the auction. This company buy up dozens of replica Cobras, GT40's, Porsches, etc., to resell. Regards Steve.
  6. Stephen Ducker

    Hi from Dubai

    Welcome David, You can use the search function for many of the popular things that get asked, and there's a lot of really experienced builders on here who are always helpful with questions. Plus in the UK there is the GT40 Enthusiasts Club too. Regards Steve
  7. Stephen Ducker

    P 1087

    I think Bryan Wingfield built them in Essex for JW, didn't he Graham. Regards Steve
  8. Stephen Ducker


    Hi Andrew, I'll look forward to seeing it in the flesh then ! Regards Steve
  9. Stephen Ducker

    Jokes anyone? -

    Disguised new model being tested.................
  10. Stephen Ducker


    Thanks for sharing the video & story with us. Kind regards Steve.
  11. Stephen Ducker

    Show us your GT40!

    All lovely gentlemen ! I think Ron's 'classic road car look' is my personal favourite. Regards Steve
  12. Stephen Ducker

    Fitting A/C unit

    Hi Marcus, No it wasn't a GT40. (Fiesta ST & Ka) I still haven't reached the dizzy heights of GT ownership yet........ It's a small family company so perhaps you would like to email or phone them with your initial thoughts / questions ? ( You'll find Chris can talk all day about air conditioning...
  13. Stephen Ducker

    Fitting A/C unit

    Hello, This is the company I use, & have also done work on some of my colleagues vehicles. We've all been very happy with the service & advice we've received. Last time I was there they were sorting out the air con on an Ultima, they can build you a refridgerated van, anything air con or...
  14. Stephen Ducker


    Look forward to hearing from you next year mate ! All the very best, Steve.
  15. Stephen Ducker

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing all on the forum a safe & happy Christmas, and a good 2019. Steve
  16. Stephen Ducker

    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    I'm not sure why you have quoted my post & then given a J car / Mk4 potted history ? I said, " they suggest ". 'they' ie. the seller. Not me or my opinion one way or the other. Please read the letter on their website & feel free to comment on that...
  17. Stephen Ducker


    A car that doesn't appeal to Mustang people or Lambo. people ? ?
  18. Stephen Ducker

    Where and when?

    Indeed the original FAV factory building is still there, you can see it on google street view. The old Lola building, which was a couple of roads away is long gone though. (That was the one that was briefly used by FAV before the Banbury Avenue one was ready & in later years was used by Ford...
  19. Stephen Ducker

    Where and when?

    Hi Ian, I believe that is the back corner of the FAV factory, Slough. The lower number plate I think is a trade plate. For our American viewers, 'trade plates' in the UK are plates used by dealers to drive an otherwise unlicensed or taxed vehicle on the road. (The other number plate should...
  20. Stephen Ducker

    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    Hi On the dealers website, they suggest this car is J2 (see the letter amongst the pictures). J2 was the car Ken Miles was so tragically killed in during testing. J2 has usually been described as 'totally destroyed' over the years. See this thread also...