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  1. Bill Haralambakis

    RF's at David Calleja Car Show in Bacchus Marsh

    Good day for taking the 40 out yesterday with temperatures in the low 30c so off to the David Calleja Memorial Car Show in the township of Bacchus Marsh west of Melbourne. RF-Mk2 had a stand there and 4 GT40's were in attendance. Here are some shots:
  2. Bill Haralambakis

    RF Racecar in Australia

    There is a great, no unbelievable deal available on ebay Australia - here. Not affiliated with seller, don't even know the car....... I can't believe the price either....:shocked: Bill
  3. Bill Haralambakis

    DRB for sale on Oz Ebay

    DRB 4 sale it has a buy it now price tag of $24k Aus. Might be worth a look.
  4. Bill Haralambakis

    Geelong All Ford Day

    Well, it was an eventful day for many of us, however it was a great gathering of GT40s in Geelong for the Kiwanis All Ford Day. The highlight I think was the show trophy going to Peter H for his beautiful silver GT40 in the combined Cobra/GT40 section of judging. Well done Peter. Afterwards...
  5. Bill Haralambakis

    EFI Manifold

    This is nothing to do with me, but looks like a GREAT buy... Here
  6. Bill Haralambakis

    Sandown Historics - Photos

    There were some great cars out on the track on the weekend in Melbourne at Sandown Racecourse. Enjoy the photos.
  7. Bill Haralambakis

    I'm a new dad AGAIN!

    Well I think it appropriate to name the thread this as my car was officially registered today at my local Vicroads (insert -RTA/DMV or whatever it is called in your neck of the woods). It has been a long road to get to this point but well worth it. I will now quietly go about finalizing the...
  8. Bill Haralambakis

    I'm a new Dad!

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that today my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Mikayla. Mum and bubs are doing well and Dad is about to get into the Johnnie Walker Blue label!!! :D Bill - Proud Dad
  9. Bill Haralambakis

    Another addictive game

    try this game for some fun - very addictive!!! Volley Cheers Bill.
  10. Bill Haralambakis

    Partially assembled RF GT40 for sale

    RF GT40 #086 Not connected to theis Australian sale...
  11. Bill Haralambakis

    GT40 gathering of enthusiasts, in Melbourne Australia

    Hi all, a gathering of GT40 fans and owners has been organised for the 12th of November (this Sunday) and the place is SAAS / AUTO CONCEPT, rear of 20 Glenvale Crescent in Mulgrave, Melbourne, Australia. Whilst it is well out of the way for most of this forum's members, there are those of us in...
  12. Bill Haralambakis

    Australian Grand Prix 2006

    Ok, will there be a repeat performance with GT40s members gathering at the infamous Pete's bar again this year? I'll be there, hope I'm not drinking alone......
  13. Bill Haralambakis

    GT40 manifold and velocity stacks

    GT40 manifold, throttle bodies and velocity stacks for sale. Un-machined, will suit Windsor 302 engine, includes butterflies. Open to offers (in AUD). Bill
  14. Bill Haralambakis

    Aluminium GT40 "Turbo Swirl" Y-303 heads

    Aluminium GT40 \"Turbo Swirl\" Y-303 heads I need a pair of these heads with the SVO stamp on the side. Anybody know of a pair that can be shipped to Australia? Am keen to purchase. Bill.
  15. Bill Haralambakis

    Roaring Forties # 61

    Well, I've been threatening to start my build post for some time, except I can't seem to locate a number of my early photos I do have my earliest shots however, so this will get the ball rolling..... Shots #1, 2 & 3 are of my chassis during manufacture in March-April of 2002. Here goes. Bill.
  16. Bill Haralambakis

    RF # 018 at Phillip Island 18th Sept 05

    In light of this weeks Moto GP event here in Australia at Phillip Island, I thought I'd post some photos of Chris Liokos' car at a recent Phillip Island Marque Sports track day, where Chris got to burn some hot laps around an awesome track. It was great to see Chris pumped with adrenalin after...
  17. Bill Haralambakis

    Riding in RF40 #018

    Chris Liokos was kind enough to take me for a spin in his beautiful RF40. I've attached a small video (about 20Mb ) for your enjoyment. Sorry about the quality..... Video of Chris' RF40 Thaks Bill.
  18. Bill Haralambakis

    Phillip Island Classic Historic Races 25-27 Feb.

    Is anybody going to this event? I assume some of the RF guys will be there? I'll be there on my trusty CB750 K2, but it would be nice to bump into some GT40's too! Bill.
  19. Bill Haralambakis

    Herald Sun Centre Spread

    Congratulations Robert for making the centre page of Friday's Cars Guide (And the back page which is attached below). John's car looks fantastic, pity the write-up wasn't longer.
  20. Bill Haralambakis

    EURO 2004 - Remarkable

    Just completed an exhaustive 3 week viewing of the Euro 2004 Football Championships in Portugal and I must say it was a fully satisfying event. I am perhaps a little biased, being born to Greek parents, so I am quite beside myself with Greece consitantly beating quality sides to win the...