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    GTD-40 Partially completed for sale *SOLD*

    Re: GTD-40 Partially completed for sale The car has been sold. Thanks for all of the interest, inquiries and wishes of good luck and encouragement as I start my new life. All the best Brian
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    GTD-40 Partially completed for sale *SOLD*

    Re: GTD-40 Partially completed for sale Hi Buzz , I sent you a PM. And shall be calling you on Monday Brian
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    Hi Brandon. I am away for the weekend and do not have access to my PC or car records so I shall...

    Hi Brandon. I am away for the weekend and do not have access to my PC or car records so I shall call you on Monday to discuss, best regards, Brian
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    GTD-40 Partially completed for sale *SOLD*

    Re: GTD-40 Partially completed for sale I need to make a clarification so that I am not miselading anyone with respect to the amount of work required to finsish the GT. By saying the car could be "driveable" in a week, I meant to indicate the amount of mechanical work required to get it to move...
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    GTD-40 Partially completed for sale *SOLD*

    This hurts more than you could imagine guys………… My GTD-40 is now for sale, a victim of domestic discord.…………About 98%, maybe better, of the parts are present to complete the build. This is a very high end GTD build, undertaken with the engineering support and guidance of some of my dear friends...
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    USA GTD Build

    It is with much sadness that I have to say my GT will be for sale shortly. The victim of a very bitter four year divorce battle. I shall be posting a full description and pictures when I take possession from storage. One of you hopefulls that possess just a little know how will end up with a...
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    GT40 sills - how to make these?

    Very easy to press in with a bead roller, but if the panel does shrink a bit when you run it through the machine. Alternatively you could start with a fresh panel, press the beads in and then index the panel to the holes in the chassis. Brian
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    Tornado Build -

    With a little time and patience you can get aluminum to do just about anything you'd like. Brian
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    I know it will never be confused with the higher end replica, but having bought probably every used and surplus GTD40 part in the UK plus those in the States, plus the parts I bought on EBay, have hade made, have made, borrowed, begged, have been given as gifts and exchanged for favors, I'll...
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    VIR 13 Hour Seats

    One of these days I'm going to show up with license in hand...............
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    door "eyebrows"

    Thanks for checking out the fit Malcolm, now I won't go buy those NOS ones over here and try to fit them to my car. Brian
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    Tornado @ Lime Rock Park

    Ditto on Bill's comments, I spent a significant amount of time crawling over Scott's car yesterday and it's a top notch build. The gaps in the body are uniform, that hardware like the fuel filler caps, instruments, headlights and suspension bits are real nice and the paint is fabulous. If I can...
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    Tornado @ Lime Rock Park

    Andy, please let us know as your travel plans develop, I'd love to swing down for a chat. Brian
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    Master cylinder sizes and piping

    Bill, for master cylinder sizes to use go to the Tilton Engineering web site and fill out the request form with all of your car and brake info and they will get back to you in a few days to advise on what sizes to use. The lines are a pain I know as I tried my hand at using stainless lines a...
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    Tornado TS40 #875

    That bad boy is screaming, way to go Scott! Brian
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    a (small) light in the night: it is possible to road plate a gt40 in Italy..

    Certainly not an ERA, possibly GTD or Tornado. Amongst other things a few give aways would be the flat door handles, the flange left on the radiator intake in the front clip, The styling line that runs through the top of the door on to the rear clip, the interior door release handle and the...
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    Your input

    Perhaps a "here's everything in one box that you need" price would help. I'd love the upgrade, but like some of the other guys here I am on a modest budget and things just take time to save for. Brian
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    USA GTD Build

    Well time and money issues had but the kabosh on the build for a while (like that's something new at my house). have not done much with respect to new parts, but I have tidied things up a bit. Now that I have a little more time available and some more nickles in the jar, we are getting back on...
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    AMLS at Lime Rock

    I spent an enjoyable day yesterday attending the AMLS. Lots of accessable great tech, met some new friends, great food, just does not get any better, except for one thing. Out of maybe 8 jillion cars we found ONE GT-40. I think it was Eric's from New York, it's time for the New England boys to...
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    Deep twin nostril conversion

    Guys, Bill Hough makes gorgeous parts pulled from original cars, I have his lower twin nostril panel, his Gurney Bubble, his seat shells (his design, although he has some pretty interesting original seat stuff going on) and am contemplating grafting in his brake ducts into my rear clip. And if I...