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    2005 GT Starter WOSPerformance Norwalk, CA 90650 (562) 229-9929 Mat will answer the phone -- nice guy part ---- STARTER;LMS163
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    2005 GT Starter

    I would like to thank the members of this forum who chimed in with help in my search to buy a GT starter. Someone told about a company in England had an aftermarket GT starter for sale. They had a partner in the US in California that was making them. Ford's price was $1790 back when they still...
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    Wanted 2005 GT starter

    Neal, I think you might be thinking about a Mustang starter. I am looking for a 2005 Ford GT starter. ( the new GT40 that Ford built 2000 of in 2005 and 2006.
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    Wanted 2005 GT starter

    I know this is the GT40 forum but I am badly in need of a GT starter. I will gladly pay anyone for helping me find one --new or used.
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    Ford GT starter

    Brian, I am 90 years old and computors and I don't get along. That ebay site doesn't give how to contact the seller. If you can get me a phone # and gmail, I would appreciate it (254) 729-8599 fordsohc@
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    Ford GT starter

    Brian, that company says Max has not worked the for over 10 years and their computor shows part obsolete. Thanks Everybody --- contact me if yow know of someone who might have one--new or used. (254) 729-8599)
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    Ford GT starter

    Brian- your FF cars does not have and will never have more. Randy- have tried GT forum. Let me know if anyone hears of a new or used one. Thanks guys !!!
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    Ford GT starter

    I need a new or used starter for a 2005 Ford GT. I know this is the wrong forum but I need any help I can get. Thanks in advance Earl
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    GT40 tool that does not use a hammer

    How do you order and price?
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    7.3 Godzilla in an RCR Gt40 MKII?

    My MkII home built chassis project that has a 482 CI SOHC with a Ricardo tran fits.
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    FS EU LeMans Grill sets

    I would like a set sent to US. Email me the cost and how to pay. Best regards Earl
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    Calling Dan White!

    I bought 3 from Dan about 12 years ago that came in a nice wood box( which they are still in while I get around to building my scratch built 40 with a 427 Ford SOHC engine with a new Ricardo transaxle I got from Ford Performance in 2005. You can't beat Dan's glass.
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    ***SOLD GT40 with Coyote 5.0 and Audi 01E build for sale ***SOLD

    Would you be interested in trade of a 1940 Ford Pickup that was a show car in the 90's.
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    Earl's SOHC "Cammer" GT40

    482 ci all aluminum Cammers are going into both cars. Both Gt40 and Lola T70 3B have the same wheel base so both chassis are the same.
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    Kwik load trailers

    I have a new one and it works great.
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    Earl's SOHC "Cammer" GT40

    Still working on the 40 with a Hilborn Fast fuel injection system and my Lola T70 3B with the Cammer engine with Webber intake and Fast fuel injection system. With all of my projects, I don't seem to get very much done. Best regards to all Earl
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    Want to trade a Qvale(DeTomaso) Mangusta for a GT40 project. Cheers Earl (254) 729-8599 [email protected]
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    Transport car --Calif to Texas

    Need suggestion on enclosed hauling of a car from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.(LA area) to Waco/Dallas/Ft Worth area. Thanks in advance Earl