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    GTD Steering rack mounts

    How about these. They might fit. Brian.
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    Finished GT40 Kitcar Build Boast

    My car went on the road in 1999 - and I am still updating things:):) Brian.
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    Just saying hello.

    Hi Jay, Welcome to the forum. Where about's are you based? Brian.
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    Hi Glen, Pam treated me for my 80th. It was an awesome experience. I could not believe how sensitive the controls are and it makes you appreciate what those young lads did back in the '40s. That was something you will never forget. Unfortunately I did not have my '40 there at the time but they...
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    New to me GTD40 photos

    Hi Bill When I was editing Fortyfication (the quarterly magazine of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club) I printed an article by Mikes Cotes on making a 'Nine Port Grill' using wooden forming tools. It was in issue No,57, December 2002 which can be downloaded from the club's website. I am not sure if it...
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    Re-Chrome and Zinc plating - UK

    You could try Silvabronz in Alton, Brian.
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    Most people in the earlier days, as I did, used Viva headlamps but I think they are difficult to get hold of now. What do Tornado and AK supply with their cars? Brian.
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    MK I Body CAD model

    Paul, The MK3 that was on the club stand at the NEC was the actual car that was in Ford's museum in Swansea. Museum curator, Ken Atwell was given permission to take moulds from it. He then made his own car and so began the birth of the GT40 replica world. Brian.
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    UN1 gearbox mounts

    Car Builders Solutions - Universal engine/gearbox mounts, then make the brackets to suit. Brian.
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    Velocity Stack Filters 48mm Inside Diameter -Suggestions

    I had my car on a rolling road last year (48 IDAs). We tried it with and without filters,there was a difference but unless you are racing, not enough to worry about. Brian.
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    What happens to our part builds in 2030 !!!!

    Ryan, How is the 90 days policed? Brian.
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    Wolseley 6/90 revival

    It needs a few additions to the front! Brian
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    Ford 302 157 tooth 28oz flywheel

    Nick, I have sent you a PM Brian.
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    Greetings from Wiltshire

    Hi Fergus. How far are you from Winchester? The Hants & Berks region of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club meet there the third Tuesday of the month. This coming Tuesday we are trying a new venue, The King Charles SO23 7NU, from 7pm. You are welcome to come along and see if we can help (encourage) you to...
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    Iva certificate

    I did not think that the IVA had any imput into the registration of the vehicle. It is a few years since I put a car through the IVA but I can't remember having to show bills etc. to the examiners. That is for the DVLA to decide from the paperwork you supply to them. Brian.
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    What is it you need? I can supply side stripes. Brian
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    Low flying Spitfire

    Doc. My wife spoke to Arthur Williams when we were at Duxford recently and he mentioned he is working on a programme about Douglas Bader.