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  1. Hendrickx Paul

    Mitsuba FP-3 Fuel Pump - Can they be reconditioned.
  2. Hendrickx Paul

    Mk1 Road Car Register?

    Found this, one day in the past.... enjoy Paul
  3. Hendrickx Paul

    Stewart Warner Volt Meter look at this one Paul
  4. Hendrickx Paul

    Drilling the Holes/Windows & Headlamp Covers
  5. Hendrickx Paul

    Greetings from North Yorkshire - UN1 transaxle problems

    made a copy of the article Paul
  6. Hendrickx Paul

    Greetings from North Yorkshire - UN1 transaxle problems

    Well if you read Fortification nr 115 ou find out that KenVincent Attwell the father of the GT 40 replica was also involved in the RS200. rally car So the apple fall never far from the tree ..... Try to upload the version of the magasin but too big for the site Paul
  7. Hendrickx Paul

    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    While recreating a Jaguar race car, you could create a replica cigarette pack (just the box, not the content) on taste you're own ....
  8. Hendrickx Paul

    Quick Fuel 650HR Help

    very true.... Paul
  9. Hendrickx Paul

    Gulf/golf cart?

    Stumbled on this item in a camping south of France this week, the owner was absent for further information... Paul
  10. Hendrickx Paul

    The legendary Le Mans suitcase i once saw picture of I believe Lola with the needed space for luggage created in the front spoiler part just before the wheels... can find the picture anymore ..shame Paul
  11. Hendrickx Paul

    GT40 shell on a 914-6, 3.3l Twin-Turbo Race Car

    other info more photos
  12. Hendrickx Paul

    GT40 shell on a 914-6, 3.3l Twin-Turbo Race Car

    it is done on a lotus Elise chassis somewhere in France
  13. Hendrickx Paul

    Lemans 1971 with the King of Cool

    You could still ask Jacky Ickx and Helmut Marko, this two where driving the cars (with many others) during the 3 month filming in Le Mans Paul
  14. Hendrickx Paul

    New Member from South Africa

    heel lang geleden dat ik echt zuid afrikaans gelezen heb .... groeten uit Frankrijk Paul
  15. Hendrickx Paul

    Southern GT40 - Fuel Pump Problem

    my small experience with those electronics, as Bob Woods says, the ecu puts to ground for commanding things (fans, pumps ear etc) In my Renault days , some car refused to start... inside the ecu their is what you could call an floating earth -12v connected to chassis ground by a...
  16. Hendrickx Paul

    Alternative Energy Sources discussion

    Running late already and: enjoy the reading Paul
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    stumbled on this sale in France Paul
  18. Hendrickx Paul

    Vintage Air Mini Gen II - A/C Not Functioning

    the thinnest line is the high pressure line the bigger one is the return put one connector(charging port) before the evaporator ( on the high pressure line) and the other. after the the evaporator... Paul
  19. Hendrickx Paul

    Jokes anyone? -

  20. Hendrickx Paul

    Got a 1976 KVA GT40

    welcome 1976 Kva .... unique model enjoy it