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    Fuel pump preference

    My 10u filter plugged at about 10k miles. Caused the fuel pump to go beserk. If you look on the web, the 10u is mostly run by LMP race teams and 1/4 mile cars. The average road car runs 40u. In an LS3/7 the injectors will burp and burn sub 40u particles. A 40u particle is 1/2 the thickness of...
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    917 rcr

    Nice Alex! How does the 917 ride compare to the SLC? 917 tires are wider, but how's the grip?
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    New SL-C race car fast at Road America

    Nice! Is that an LS3-525hp? Graz?
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    SLC 36 Cam's Build

    Alex, thanks for the info. Ive got to dig in around that box again. This time with glasses!
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    SLC 36 Cam's Build

    Hey; I was messing around with my wiring and lost my tach signal in the process. Dooh! Does anyone remember where this cavity “C” connector is found, attached? Where do you grab Ignition signal from? It's been 9 years since I wired this thing.
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    Team QRP

    Nice build! Will you race it in NASA SU? 2019 Thunderhill?
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    Half shafts leaking - Riccardo Transaxle

    I'd think its a rip in the CV boot or the CV bolts are coming loose. If you sheared off the heads of the bolts on the ricardo side you can hear the heads rattling around if you just push the SLC without the engine running. Clink/clack! Easier then taking off the 1/2 shafts.
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    Bellcrank reinforcement plate ideas.

    Ken. Craig S is in too. Ken would you be interested too, or want to make 4+ for cash?
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    Central Texas Owners Willing to Let Me Look at Your Car?

    We are trying to get 3 dfw slcs together here pretty soon. might be in the next 2 or 3 week.
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    SLC 001 Build

    Wow, love those fat Can Am tires in the rear. Love the small front intake just for brake cooling because you split the radiators and moved them to the rear. Almost like looking at a Tesla, your brain says there's something wrong. here The front end doesn't have the normal large opening to cool a...
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    Another SL-C finished in Dallas

    Congrats John! Looking great! Lemme know when you want those canards...
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    Bellcrank reinforcement plate ideas.

    Man, it would be real nice if we could do a group buy on this part. Maybe we hire a 3rd party to weld up several sets to make them more affordable and not re-create the wheel? Mine haven't sheared on track but i'd rather err on the side of caution. Anyone else in?
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    Clutch Stinkage

    Huh, considering its in 1st and R, maybe its shifter linkage?
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    Fiberglass stress cracking

    Was this on the gelcoat? Or was this car sanded and painted? Never seen anything that big on my gelcoat in 19,000 miles
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    New Transaxle Option?

    The new 2020 rear engine Vette looks to have a new transaxle option. Its a ways off but should be designed to handle 500+BHP. Tremec, paddle shift only Oh, did we not mention the transaxle? (Note that we used the singular form of the word.) There will be only one gearbox, and it won’t come...
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    CamT's build thread

    Nice! BTW, the high beams get hot. If you plan to paint the gelcoat under the Plexi headlight cover, I'd suggest using high temp paint or it will blister a lil.
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    CamT's build thread

    Your builds looking great! I only suggested those 2 reinforcement spot due to mine getting hairline cracks. Ive only had the rear clip off once in 19K miles but it may have been the way I handled it. But....I figured I'd pass it along for the race tail. F/G is dirt cheap and it can't hurt to...
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    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    i really like the Hawk Performance HT 10 Racing Brake Pads but they screach a little. The EBC yellow stuff were good too. Warm up faster too, but a little less grip.
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    Dallas Fort Worth RCR/SLC get together

    Ha! maybe this will be an incentive to get SLCs built, or not blow them up? Bruce L. is in. he might have his white one done for this.
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    Dallas Fort Worth RCR/SLC get together

    We're having a DFW SLC get together. Texas motor speedway is doing charity laps on 5/19/18 at 5pm. $40 for 3 laps if you sign up online. Craig will have the green one there. I'll have the yellow one. John is trying to finish up the white one before then. Frank? Cody? There is a pace car but...