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  1. saxoncross

    Cooling issues, bleeds and electric pumps

    Hi Marcus, probably worth reading my old post on electric waterpumps Rgds, Andy
  2. saxoncross


    Hi, although not original, I'm currently building one using a handbrake lever from a BMW-MIni, mainly selected as the lever ratio, is much higher than either a more period Anglia/Mini item. This coupled with a Wilwood handbrake caliper, there's a good chance it will get through an IVA Rgds, Andy
  3. saxoncross

    Norfolk Tornado

    End of Year catch-up Other than routine maintenance on the ’40, I’ve not had to carry out any major work on it since it’s been on the road for the last 5 years and 12,000 miles. However, last year I’d had a failure of the electric water-pump, which was a Davies Craig EWP130. This is the second...
  4. saxoncross

    Oil.pressure switch

    I remote mount the oil pressure sensor & warning light onto the bulkhead using -3AN braided hose giving better access & less chance of the wires getting damaged Rgds, Andy
  5. saxoncross

    IVA Tyre speed rating and brake hoses

    I believe it may be on the IVA application form, but it's most likely to be checked at the IVA inspection that the tyres are fit for purpose Rgds, Andy
  6. saxoncross

    IVA Tyre speed rating and brake hoses

    If you're using braided hoses (Aeroquip etc.) for the flexible lines, you won't have a problem, however the hoses from the reservoir to the master cylinders have to have the correct markings. CBS sell the correct grade required Speed ratings on the tyres have to be higher than the declared...
  7. saxoncross

    HELP!!! - Top Ball Joints - what are they off (Tornado & SGT)

    Hi Darren I believe they're early Ford Transit track rod ends (M18x1mm thread) Rgds, Andy
  8. saxoncross

    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    As the car rolls for 6-8", I would be looking at the driveshaft roll-pins to see if they haven't moved causing the driveshaft to lock-up Rgds, Andy
  9. saxoncross

    AK Sportscars Update

    Looking great guys, gearbox being used is the Quaife ZFQ Regards, Andy
  10. saxoncross

    windsor bench race

    What are 'gas ported' pistons? What's the advantage of a polished the valley? Rgds, Andy
  11. saxoncross

    Plumbing diagram needed for 8 Stack Webbers

    The attached is what I use on my 8-stack system and has performed well even when the ambient is over 30 degC Regards, Andy
  12. saxoncross

    GTD returned to the UK

    Excellent news Simon, keep us posted on your progress Regards, Andy
  13. saxoncross

    Rivnuts or nutserts for windows / headlight covers etc...

    They would also do the job Andrew, but they are likely to crack the fibreglass/paint locally when fitted Rgds, Andy
  14. saxoncross

    Rivnuts or nutserts for windows / headlight covers etc...

    Hi Andrew, I used M3 aluminum riv-nuts, but super-glued them in. As the screws aren't going to be that tight, this is fine and if it does come loose, it's easy to remove as the body of the riv-nut has not been distorted Regards, Andy
  15. saxoncross

    Any build paperwork

    Can't talk for the others, but I'll be along Rgds, Andy
  16. saxoncross

    Any build paperwork

    Hi James, No problems. There's generally half a dozen of us with 5 40's between us (2 KVA's, SGT, Tornado & a MDA in build) Rgds, Andy
  17. saxoncross

    Any build paperwork

    Hi James, we've recently moved the club meet to the The Angel at Larling (NR16 2QU) which is on the old A11, just down from Snetterton. It's only a small group and we meet 2nd Tuesday of the month from 7:30pm onwards Rgds, Andy
  18. saxoncross

    Any build paperwork

    Hi James, my build log's here: OK, so not a SGT, but a full build log from start to IVA & Paint If you want further information on the new owners of SGT, you could come along to the next club mtg (Est Anglia area 12th Oct) and potentially...
  19. saxoncross

    Best place for a GTD exhaust UK

    Hi Simon, Try Demand Engineering in Stowmarket. They've done a couple of friends '40s with good results Regards, Andy
  20. saxoncross

    GoPro for Trailers?

    Nice bit of lateral thinking and don't see why it wouldn't work Regards Andy