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    Jokes anyone? -

    Make it so!
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    Will There Be a Paddock on the New

    Why not create a second Paddock forum that is password protected. The administrators would then decide which Paddock forum a post belonged in...
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    SmugMug acquires Flickr

    So I see that SmugMug has acquired Flickr. I don't know anything about SmugMug, but Flickr has always been easy to use. Any thoughts good or bad???
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    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    Re: Another of the Greats Gone Words fail me right now...
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    I'm Back!

    Great to see you back Professor!!!
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    Guns in America

    I have no solution either, but I struggle with how an "armed law-abiding" person would have helped in this situation. A shooter, armed to the teeth, 30+ floors above the scene. Really??? And why are guns like this available for sale in the first place??? Handguns I get to a certain degree...
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    Just a quick update. Here in Central Fl a lot of us don't have electricity. We lost ours Sunday night around 9pm. Most major roads in the Orlando area are in good shape. Had to go to work this morning and the I4 corridor was moving well. Temps will be in the mid to upper 80s today, back over...
  8. T Paddock Politics Thread

    So what happens next? We won't have any more Civil War battle reenactments?? Will the they be sanding Stone Mountain smooth?? Will the CSS Hunley be re-sunk back into the Atlantic?? At what point are we sanitizing history??
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    Gallery wont open?

    The Gallery won't open for me either. I have a Windows 7 machine and tried it in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. What's interesting is that if I log out, click on Gallery from the home page it opens up fine. I then log in from the Gallery, click on Forum, then click on...
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    Unred Post Flags

    I glad you all mentioned that I thought it was just me...
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    Spammers are back in force...

    I had access problems for two days (Thursday and Friday) from a desktop and a Chrome browser. I also was getting a 403 Forbidden...
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    And Another.. Greg Allman..

    I can remember Gregg Allman and his band playing back at my college in the early 80s. Lightning in a bottle...
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    My Kind of Racecar Porn

    I need a moment to compose myself...
  14. T Paddock Politics Thread

    Cubs winning the World Series and Donald Trump elected president... Wow.
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    Audi Joest WEC Team

    Well done sir!
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    Audi Joest WEC Team

    So where does that leave you next year? Certainly not on the sidelines sipping an adult beverage?
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    New film: The 24 Hour War

    THAT was incredible!
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    Florida Storms

    Sminole County Florida - Very lucky. Never lost power, minor tree loss, no flooding.
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    It's Competition Time. Annual Sheep Bashing Contest

    Coincidence - Bobbing Bobcat .241 average. Must... stop... now...