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    Roaring Forties 105

    Hey Jim. I don't get on here much. Glad you have RF105 registered!!! Your patience and commitment to "getting it right" is commendable. Keep at it.... Tim.
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    Watch this space!

    Hey Tim, Good to see you staying out of the discussion .......
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    Race Tracks - Australia

    That's the funniest thing iv'e read in years! I often wonder why i go racing ..... now i know.... it's pointless! If you can't afford to blow the $ away, racing (at ANY level) then don't do it. You won't get anything back but the pleasure of driving your car fast, hanging out with some great...
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    Aussie RCR T70 capers

    Another milestone. great news Chris. Have fun at MP on the weekend.
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    Shannons Sports & Muscle Car Spectacular QLD AUSTRALIA - 25th & 26th June

    Hey Chris, I'm glad to see you have the T70 running well. I've been following your build - well done. We will be at Morgan Park for a one-hour in september. Hope to see you there. Do you (can you) plan to run the car in production sports at some stage?
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    The Ashes 2010

    What? Is there cricket on somewhere??
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    Not quite in the Joke category.....

    Dave, We have a term for someone who comes out, after all the hard work has been done: BLISTER
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    Rf 117

    Yep. LP560 it is. The gent who drives it is a wealthy businessman, who loves his cars/racing. He's not the fastest driver around. But is is the fastest 70-something we race with. Good on him, i say. If i had his cash, i'd be doing it too!
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    The Ashes 2010

    When your #8 top scores......... you know are in it deep. Oh dear.
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    Captions please....

    The Missus has really driven you up the wall !!!
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    Scratchbuilt 'Kiwi 40' goes racing.

    Hi Russ, I haven't been here much lately. Just read this thread. So sad to see the damage to your car! Especially, when you have been improving so much. Glad you're ok. Speedy recovery to both you and the GT. cheers, Tim.
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    Bathurst 1000

    All quiet on the ford front here?? Congrats to 888 team.. a class above the field - no matter what the badge (and let's face it, that's the only real difference). A mighty race between Lowndes and Besnard.
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    2010 Ultimate Track Car Challenge by GRM

    Vote added Ron. Go get 'em!!
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    RF 117 wins !!

    Good on you Iain. I was sad not to be there, but v busy with other stuff atm. A shame to only get 15 racing laps for the weekend! Something the organisers really need to look at. Not good value at all. I WISH !! - new stronger 3rd & 4th gears on their way - for now. WRT passing...
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    How to overtake at Bathurst

    Driver was Dean Evans. Modern Motor Magazine driver. Well versed in keeping underpowered Lotus Trophy cars up in corner speed. Cars were supposedly identical spec. It was not Deans car (guest drive) so he had no "fear"..... that always helps.
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    RF 117 wins !!

    i sold it.
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    RF 117 wins !!

    Shane. It sure is a beautiful car, AND a masterpiece of engineering. If anyone gets the chance to see it up close, DO IT!! Gotta say that it sounds awesome as it flys past me down the straights........ ! It's like a stealth bomber. No fuss. Just fast and flat. I am envious ... even more so...
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    RF 117 wins !!

    Ian's in-car: YouTube - BlackFlag.wmv FWIW: there's no way you jumped! They may have pinged you for the safety car pass?
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    RF 117 wins !!

    Rene, the white Exige is a factory GT3 car, but now turbocharged. Handles and stops poorly, but VERY fast on the straights. It was quite frustration be be stuck behind him! Our cars have eaton style blowers. We cant get near the GT40 or turbo Lotus on the straights, but are much quicker...
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    RF 117 wins !!

    errr , yes Pete, he did.