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    Gt40 back home

    After 18 months in storage due to lots of building work including a bigger garage it's finally back home!
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    John Tojeiro 40s

    Hi Rich you have pm cheers dave b
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  5. expensive company!

    expensive company!

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    Hi Dave I made that mistake 2 years ago, came down on the monday to find an empty stand! last year i made it on the sumday and got to the agm and so finaly put some faces to names. this year i'm going to come down on saturday night in the 40 (i bought rob bebbingtons car), i'm just trying to...
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    Anyone going? if so are people planning to go sunday, monday or both? see you there. cheers dave b
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    tyre pressures

    what tyre pressures are people running with 15in wheels? thanks dave b
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    GT40 Crystals - Available Soon

    stick me on the list for one please cheers dave b
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    Public update on current RF legal activities

    Re: Public update on current RF legal activies had a bit of bother with paypal but got it sorted $100 sent good luck!
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    15 in tyres

    Hi Fred had a look on the michelin website,they sound ideal as i plan to do quite a lot of track time this year! i had'nt realised the tb's were still available, used them on the rally car years ago. they list a 23/62 15 which sounds ideal for the rear is this the size you were refering to, or...
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    15 in tyres

    I am looking to replace the fairly tired bf goodrich tyres on my car (fr 215/60 15 rr255/60 15) with something a little more grippy!! i am hoping to stay with 15in. anyone got any suggestions or anything that must be avoided dunlop do a D01J or D98J in 205/60 15 and 225/50 15 which has a wider...
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    mk3 window opening

    does anyone have any pictures of the catch/hinge on the rear edge of a mk3 opening window, as my car has what looks like sunroof hinges fitted and i would love to replace them with something more suitable? thanks in advance dave b:)
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    holley carb parts

    can anyone recommend a supplier for holley carb parts? thanks in advance. dave b
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    Double glazing

    my car has a double glazed window, dont know how it compares to a single, but you can easily have a conversation in the car at track day speeds!! dave b
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    Oh dear - it's back

    Re: Oh dear - it\'s back still got an empty garage rob??? your old car is going well, got about 350 miles on it now cheers dave b
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    bore me funny

    probably help if i put the link on been a long day dave b
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    bore me funny

    want to kill some time!! dave b