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    Wheel Bearing Noise

    Thanks for the thoughts! I did an autopsy on the bearing assembly. It is sealed with no means of adjustment. There are two races, the inner balls take thrust and radial forces; the outer takes just radial. I checked the inner races and balls carefully with a loupe, no indication of pitting or...
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    Wheel Bearing Noise

    Took the Lola out for a spin and heard a very bad sound when moving. I determined it was coming from the right front wheel. A dry, metallic clicking/squeaking grinding sound that has no place in a Lola. Took apart, inspected the bearing (P/N 513019) and could find nothing unusual; rotated with...
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    T70 Video

    Here is a link to footage of my RCR Lola T70 taken at a recent Portland Cars & Coffee (World of Speed Museum). Lola T70 Replica In Detail - YouTube So far, so good. Car runs well, nothing has fallen off. Stays fairly cool even in traffic. BTW...I am working on an extensive collection...
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    How wide?

    My just completed RCR T70 measures 70.5 inches at the sills. Although sitting in it it feels more like 7.5....
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    Lola First Drive

    Here is a YouTube link to my first drive in the now 99% completed Lola. So far so good. I justt need to tweak a few things, finish the two upper clam shell holdemdown pins and get it registered. It's snowing right now so that will have to wait.
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    T70 Windshield Install

    Getting down to the final strokes... I plan to prime the windshield boarder with 3M 08681 glass primer. Then use 3M 08693 adhesive (after masking all painted surfaces). But the body shop guy suggested I use butyl rope instead of the 08693. So I got a sample and it seems it's fine as a gasket...
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    A ride in my Lola T70

    John: I am nearly done with my Lola. Its off to the paint shop this week. Can you tell me what side view mirrors you used? The ones that came with the kit are useless.
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    Lola T70 MK3b Bodywork - Suppliers ??

    Fran: The picture shows the problem. More bubbles than cheap champagne. Both are unusable.
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    Lola T70 MK3b Bodywork - Suppliers ??

    I'll second the folks at TW Mouldings. They provided me with nose badges and replacement headlight covers (the ones from RCR were useless).
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    World Of Speed Museum

    I volunteer two days a week at a wonderful new museum in Wilsonville Oregon. World of Speed Museum If you are in the area this a a great place to visit. Featured right now are Smokey Yunick's #13 Chevelle, Mickey Thompson's Challenger I and Slo-Motion IV unlimited hydroplane. Hope to see...
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    Knockoff Wrench

    Being totally sick of working on the Lola body, I needed a machining project. So I made a three eared "socket" wrench that fits nicely over the knockoffs. A 1 3/8 inch hex allows a big socket to tighten/loosen the knockoffs. Hope to be ready for paint this spring.
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    Lola T70 Rear Bodywork

    Johan: I was referring to the cavities in (behind) the "ears," not the cavities in the cab bodywork. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    Lola T70 Rear Bodywork

    Before I do something dumb, I need some advice on the two "ears" on the rear clamshell that mate with the T70 cab. They both interfere with the cab bodywork by about 1/4 inch where there should be 1/8 clearance. I'm thinking of filling in the cavities and grinding down each ear. The rest of the...
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    RCR Lola T70 Go Karting

    I am going to see how tilting the seats will affect the "view." Modifying the roll cage is a major effort. There are limited resources in this area to fabricate such a piece. This is strictly a street car so it needs to be as comfortable as possible.
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    RCR Lola T70 Go Karting

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement! I am 6 ft, 205 lbs. (why are pounds abbreviated lbs.??) It's tight in there for me, but do-able. I am going to re-think the seat mountings. A little more tilt will provide a bit more headroom. One thing I have not come to grips with is the roll...
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    RCR Lola T70 Go Karting

    Here is a link to the first official go kart of my Lola project. I still have an issue with the water temp. The gauge shows about 220 (sensor is in the head) but when I check the heads, block etc. with a laser gun temp gauge, it...
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    Lola First (Official) Start

    Here is a link to a YouTube video of the first official start of my RCR Lola T70. Lola first start - YouTube Next is to do a quick alignment of the wheels, bleed the brakes and do some go karting.
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    Lola Excercise Machine

    Terry: I spoke with the folks at GBox and they said a 3/4 inch bore would work OK, so it's on order from Summit. It will be interesting to see (and feel) the results.
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    Lola Excercise Machine

    I bled the clutch on the Lola last night. It runs from the Wilwood 7/8 master cylinder to the G96 six speed. It has the Spec clutch setup for the LS3 lump. Wow the clutch is heavy! I'll have a thigh like Tanya Harding's (in her Olympic days) in a short time. Will going to a smaller dia master...
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    Door hinges

    Mike: Try this link. I found some photos on the forum. I have a set of hinges but I am going to re-fab them in stainless steel.