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    302 Oil Pan

    Canton 15-630 is also an option Front Sump Road race oil Pan 15-644 is a rear sump Both have 4 gates and good oil control
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    how much difference will a set of GT40s make with 2.02 valves over stock 302 heads

    GT40 heads are not the best in the world but they are way better than stock quite simply because the ports are cast better. 2.02 / 1.6 combo works fine on a small block Ford but actual performance will be governed by the how they are setup. If you are enlarging standard heads to accommodate the...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Nice work Andrew That must have taken a bit of time cheers KB
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    Wilwood Pro Spindle

    Wilwood spindles look good What are the Pros & Cons of using either stock height (Mustang 2) or 2" dropped spindle It would appear that standard may be better with standard inboard mounting position which then has both arms tilting down toward the chassis so lower roll centre. I'm curious about...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Nice work Andrew cheers KB
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    Renault Un1 Albins one piece shaft + dog gear sets

    Henry PM me contact details - Definitely interested I'm in Adelaide 0400 222 063
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    302 pistons using 289 length rods

    Kev Agree with JacMac Maybe look around for some new old stock forged pistons as they have a thicker crown. Failing that the 5.4 is a good option I've done the 400 Chev rod combo (5.565") before with KB276 pistons and that works nice but a bit of a journey. 2.1" big end size and narrowed...
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    GT40 seats

    Guys Keen to see some pictures. KB
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    4bbL vs weber or stack for max hp from 302

    This whole thing about 4 barrel vs IDA vs 4 barrel throttle body with modified 4 barrel intake vs Individual Throttle body injection is all seat of the pants stuff. There's no doubt a 4 barrel carb on a decent intake will make good power and is easy to get going reasonably well. Everything from...
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    Nicks Forte Scratch Build - to Stunning Mk1 GTD

    All looking good Nick I'm curious how you got the push button systems to work are the switches push on / push off or is there some logic behind the dash?? regards Kevin Box
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Update on my inverted UN1 Firstly I went with the Kennedy 157 tooth Bell-housing as a starting point. I think this is originally for the Panterra It is a very nice unit and the cost was not excessive - Refer Pics I will have a spacer between it and the UN1 The attached picture shows the mocked...
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Great job on the lift Any chance you will share a dimension drawing with the forum There would be a lot of us interested and a drawing would save the experimentation Thanks KevinB
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    Core Plugs

    If the block is a little corroded or worn from previous attempts, it would be easy to get a machine shop to make you a slightly oversize aluminum one. I have made them before based on the steel ones. As far as i remember I went for 4-5 thou interference and just put them in the ice box to cool...
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    Got a 351W with 6.58 rods in my workshop - narrowed 400M rods, Cleveland bearings, Pin bore sleeved to .927, KB276 pistons. Converted to Hydraulic roller, Edelbrock E205 heads 2.08"/1.6" cheers KB
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    JacMac rather than using 289 rods, aftermarket 400 Chev rods (5.565") are the go with 3.25" SBF stroker pistons (1.175) (also KB 276 Hypereutectic ) with .927 pin A bit of mucking around to make the big ends work with two choices available First option narrow the big end of the rod and use Chev...
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    Eddy Cam choice is not that hard if you do it right the essentials are 1 Get your head around what you want the engine to do - is it something that you can easily handle in traffic with the odd track visit or is it a hill climb and track special? 2 The decision you make in #1 will...
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    Just a suggestion Before you head down the track of overhauling your heads, price a complete set of new ones in cast or alloy depending on your preference. Sometimes by the time you have machined the seats, machined the heads for new guides and replaced valves and spring etc, then new heads can...
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    Wolseley 6/90 revival

    Nice work Andrew The ultimate sleeper cheers KB
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    UN1 Input Shaft

    Bob There are three of us wanting to go to a single piece input shaft. From reading through your earlier post it sounded like you had designed a replacement very similar to the Quaife one but with helical gears all round. Did you optimize 1st & 2nd gear ratios with your design ?? Albins have a...