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    Damaged and in trouble

    Hi Bernie, When i did a search for one a few years ago I could not find any in OZ, I did locate a few in NZ. I can't remember the name of the place but they did specialise in Audi, It was a wreckers as well. Steve
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    GT40 Replica

    Hi Ryan, Take a look at this Anyone know this car builder? - Club Cobra Steve
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    Wooden Supercar

    Only if they don't get axed.
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    In search of advice!

    Pete, you must be on the turps early:dead:the RF chassis is a space frame. Steve
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    Valentino Rossi paga al fisco 35 milioni di euro

    He better get use to looking at Casey's ass :pepper:
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    Common Sense from a Polititian What Ever Next!!

    I think a lot of what John Howard was referring to was before xmas last year, there is a trend over here at xmas time to stop saying and displaying Merry Xmas. The new message is happy xmas so we don't offend non Christians, our main council of Sydney (Sydney city council) even elected one year...
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    dino 246s

    Hey Paolo, I got a quote for the body alone was NZ $60,000. Steve
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    dino 246s

    Here you go Paola Tansley Panels Ltd and by the way it's sunny in Sydney today :pepper:
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    dino 246s

    There are moulds here in OZ for the 206 I believe. Steve
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    F-15 breakup

    Maybe the fleet should be shipped off to the bone yard, I watched an interesting program screened here in OZ the other night about the bone yard (davis monthan air force base) it is an amazing place. Steve
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    5.4 Ford Lightning engine

    Re: 5.4 lightning engine 5.4 Ron as thats the only Mod motor fitted to an aussie car from factory. Steve
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    hotel recommendations in OZ?

    Hi Mike, I think the Intercontinental goes by another name now or has shut down, was a great place. I believe the Sofitel is good and is close to Circular Quay, restaurants, the rocks and museums. If in the rocks try sailor bay thai for a good meal. Steve
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    Actual weather in australia:)

    Paolo, Just got out of bed, sitting here in boxers only and trying to decide which beach today. The Sydney Morning Herald: national, world, business, entertainment, sport and technology news from Australia's leading newspaper. :pepper: Steve
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    A warning to all B & Q customers

    That's funny even the second time round, no prizes for second place :pepper:
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    hello gt40 for sale WHY I HAVE TWO

    About the wife or car:lol:
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    lancia startos replica for sale in italy

    Here is one for sale in Australia Classic Throttle Shop - 1976 Lancia Stratos Steve
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    DRB Birthdays

    Happy birthday Pete, Which mobility scooter did you get the 3 wheel or the 4 wheel? You can paint it with the gulf color scheme that would be cool:pepper: Steve
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    Toyota Landcruiser Amazon 4.2 diesel

    Dave, It's used for diesel now, it is a measured dose with the diesel only a small amount of gas is used. The tank needed is not that large, maybe a 20-30ltr is required, read more here Hunter GasTechnologies - LPG injection system for diesel engines Steve
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    Toyota Landcruiser Amazon 4.2 diesel

    Dave, All the rage here in OZ is to run them with lpg gas, you get better fuel economy and 10-15% more power. Steve
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    Moto Gp 2007

    Pete, Maybe they had to de-coke his head:pepper: Steve