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    What is the largest engine that can fit in the SL-C?

    yes, that will definitely fit - it has small block dimensions basically (though mounts are different). But given the build, I'm guessing that they optimized for NA, with high compression and tight ring gaps. Not sure it would play well with forced injection. Though NA, depending on cam, this...
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    Harmonic Damper

    No personal experience with this but...1) timing chain will have shorter service life, and be more subject to catastrophic failure 2) crank more likely to break in use 3) idle will probably be slightly lumpier, and low speed drivability may impaired slightly. I think dirt track sprint cars run...
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    my Lola T70 REP

    do you want some angular deflection on the gear lever? Sometimes I forget what gear I'm in, and the angle of the lever narrows it down :^)
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    Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC

    I don't think lower GC would result in a different optimal roll center location - CG is still above the roll center typically used on a high performance chassis. Sway bars would likely get softer for a given grip level.
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    Stolen Transaxle

    hard to understand how a guy dropping that much money on a roller would look at a $15K "windfall" as worthwhile, in light of the reputation damage in the community, as well as 100% lack of access to Superformance for any future maintenance/support on the chassis etc.
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    Greenwich Concours de Sport

    Ben, saw your fabulous 40 on Saturday afternoon, and got to hear you move it around the park, what a terrific machine. Congratulations!
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    Muscles to move cross shaft arm.

    not sure what you are referencing, but guessing you might use a turn buckle fastened to the shaft lever and the mounting point of the slave.
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    RCR40 rocker panels - safety pins

    piggy backing on this thread, what about if you have pedestal mounts for the rear body work, but no side latches?
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    GT40 Transaxle.

    Nothing a little JB Weld won't fix.
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    maintaining memory in ECU

    I'm curious if anyone as insight on maintaining memory in a stock GM ECU when utilizing a battery isolator. I'd like to maintain long/short term fuel trims when I isolate the battery. I know I can plug into the OBD2 port with a 12V source, but have no idea what current draw will be. Has anyone...
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    Cushman Competition?

    Not any substance to add here, but if Cushman is this abusive when there isn't a problem, imagine how he will get when there IS a problem.
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    Ricardo for sale

    Absolutely no connection with this seller so I have no idea if this person is on the level but...seems like a good price for an authentic Ricardo Tranx...
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    Lola T70 Spyder Mk I replica comfort

    one metric regarding the Mark 6 - wheelbase is 92", vs 95" of a GT40 or T70.
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    Lola T70 Spyder Mk I replica comfort

    I think you have answered your own question as to why there aren't Mark6 GT reps out there - too small. At the risk of generalizing, most gents in a position to spend the time and money on building a replica are older, consequently probably a bit heavier and less agile than they used to be. The...
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    Better headlight lighting.....

    I don't know what bulbs your car uses, but if they are H4, replace them with 9012/HIR2 from Vosla and you will nearly double the output of your low beams. Use Toshiba 9011/HIR1bulbs for your high beams and you'll pick up about 50% output. I've spoken with a lighting consultant, placing LEDs in...
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    Windage tray - yes or no?

    I'd also be looking for a better understanding of how far the pan will hang below the chassis. Tearing the pan off on road debris would ruin your day.
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    M8F for sale

    no connection to this listing, but it seems to my untrained eye a very good value at current bid, aside from being one of the all time bad ass cars out there -
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    Transaxle Dilemma

    Re the Quaife ZFQ, I seem to remember that the casing splits were propagated at the case bolt bosses. Basically, the bosses' bolt surfaces were machined flat right down to the edge/interface of the boss and the case, which created a big stress riser. Subsequent revision was supposed to have the...
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    FAST EZ EFI self tuning system issues

    ^ I tore out an ECU/harness that was causing me problems and installed something better supported. Yeah, it sucks to spend that money all over again, but the peace of mind that comes with it is wonderful. Haven't had a problem since.
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    FAST EZ EFI self tuning system issues

    I have read that older versions (not sure about new ones either) of self learning systems can't cope with hot motors as their lack of vacuum degrades the primary tuning parameter used by these systems.