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  1. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    Posting up a couple of video’s for Udo from the recent test and tune day at Hidden Valley Raceway. Enjoy Clayton
  2. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    Pretty much what Udo said
  3. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    You couldn’t wipe the smile off Udo’s face.
  4. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    It most certainly does, Udo has done a fantastic job. Sounds much better in the flesh as well. MKT was the best we could arrange at the time until there was track time available. Had to keep an ear on the radio for inbound aircraft :oops: Funny enough there was a solar car testing on the same...
  5. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    Bit late to the party, but here’s a few videos of the shakedown at MKT Clayton
  6. otto69

    my Lola T70 REP

    Was fortunate enough to drop in and see Chris a few days ago, thanks Chris. He is doing a fantastic job on both the T70 and GT40. Looking forward to more updates. Clayton
  7. otto69

    my Lola T70 REP

    Getting closer mate Looking fantastic Clayton
  8. otto69

    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    According to the latest news letter, there is only 28 copies remaining. Very happy with my #66. Clayton
  9. otto69

    Twenty Years

    22 yrs in Sept, still check in daily Hats off to Ron and the mods for a great forum. Clayton
  10. otto69

    Safety wire

    You could also have a look at AC-43 pages 328-334 for Aviation safety wire procedures. Referred to as the GA bible… Clayton
  11. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    It was certainly a momentous day and very happy with the results, didn’t lunched the motor or any other bits… The video sound doesn’t do it justice, the whole shed was vibrating apart. Can’t wait to see Udo zipping pass at the track. Clayton
  12. otto69

    Rear hood/clip pin locks?

    I used 1/4 turn bonnet latches from an XY GT Falcon to keep with the period look. Didn’t want anything protruding above the body line when latched. Have not had an issue with them apart from a bit of rattle. Was going to use Mini bonnet latches on both mounts, but went with the XY Falcon ones...
  13. otto69

    fuel filling

    Hi Jim Long time, no hear. Hope all is well. I have the same issue and think it’s were the breather re-enters the fill pipe. I can’t get the nozzle down past the breather due to the first sharp bend in the fill pipe and it blows back if I give it beans. Extending the breather tube up inside the...
  14. otto69

    Front upper and lower wishbones needed

    Yep, the TE/TF Cortina had 0.750” and 1.250” ID bearings. Same uprights used in RF1’s Clayton
  15. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    Thanks Michel Most certainly will. The next thing is to get her dyno tuned, which is easier said then done up here… Clayton
  16. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    yes, we have to run rain lights at the track. Clayton
  17. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    A small update from today on Udo’s behalf. Lots of jobs have been done in the past 5 months, will let Udo detail them. Today the body clips were finished and fitted in paint for the first time :cool: Had to fire it up again because, just because we can… :D Clayton
  18. otto69

    my clubman

    Nice work as always Chris I see sleep isn’t in your vocabulary…. Clayton
  19. otto69

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all
  20. otto69

    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Roger Caster plays a huge effect on roll steer in the reverse A arm, trailing link suspension like the original GT40’s From memory, they ran 7 degs and on my RF40 I ended up with 3.5 degs to minimise the roll steer the best. Not sure if caster would have much of an effect on an A arm with toe...