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    GTD Radiator

    Radiator is now sold.
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    GTD Radiator

    "New" unused GTD radiator - never been fitted to a car or had water in it. It has been stored indoors in my boxroom for the last six years. £200 + £23 carriage in uk.
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    Luminition - any good???

    Hi Darren, My GTD 40 has a 302 engine and had been fitted with an Accel type 34 twin point distributer when I got it. I had problems with points pitting and the plastic heel on the points wearing causing gap to close up on points, so I decided like you to upgrade it without going over the top...
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    Lockheed Remote Servo brakes locking on

    Grant, I have had the same problem in my case it was the small reaction piston (looks like a bullit with two seals on it) get the piston out and clean it up, also polish the bore that it goes into with bit of fine grade wet and dry rolled round a pencil until the bullit moves easily in the bore...
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    yet another tire post...

    Ian, which Kumho tyre type and sizes are you using front and back.
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    GTD brake servo info.

    Hi guy,s, has anyone got details of the type of Lockheed servo,s fitted to the GTD. i.e. hyd. cylinder bore size and operating ratio 2.5 or 3/1 etc. I have been having the usual brake sticking on problem, in my case with the rear brakes. I have just removed and cleaned the small piston that...
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    Whats this red light for.

    The red light problem has been solved. the r/hand red warning light is for low brake fluid. problem now sorted but did not have time tonight to check out what the l/hand one is for. Thanks Nick and Julian for your replies. Many thanks Ron.
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    Whats this red light for.

    Hi all, some help required. I own a 1990 factory built gtd40 with the gtd aircon package fitted. I had to change leaking water pump. On completion of job when I switched on to start car to bleed system I found that apart from ignition light the right hand red light located in centre of dash...