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    Forum Moderation (lack thereof)

    On Oct. 6, 2013 user MHNCO made the following post: It states, to one of our more senior and most polite members, in it's entirety, "You're such a douche" I immediately reported this post using the provided...
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    Rick -- Good, finally. But I don't accept your use of the plural. If you're going to moderate, then moderate the problem, not the aftermath. For example, moderate the following two posts: and...
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    Boss Mustang

    Somewhat off topic I know but I just wonder what the Boss Mustang folks think of the Holman Moody TdF Mustang. Holman Moody | 2014 - 50th Anniversary TdF Mustang Apparently they're building them in quantity since they're selling take off parts: | Take off Parts|
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    Honker II

    Yes, supposedly his fondness for honking the air horn on his trucks. (?)
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    If I were 14 with my first Corolla I'd probably learn something from your diary entry. Not sure what though. At the risk of losing my only internet stalker, I'll remind you that my car's been on the road for year. But you like chewing on my ankle so don't slow down your OCD. Keep posting the...
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    "Lowbrow" is not a verb. And this from the guy who titled a thread "Ass"... Tell us all about you're maintenance and ownership "aspects." We're all waiting with bated breath.
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    Sure but holding a can of Boddingtons while going through a turn it's really hard to shift without spilling.
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    13 to 25% maintenance time? Wow that is one f--ked up car. But then this is the one that the Hi-Tech guys built while they were drunk or high, right? To the OP: never mind this one....he's obviously unlucky. Or something.
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    Then you shouldn't have any problems.
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    Is a GT40 replica a reasonable weekend car?

    That's luggage... :-) And just for the record the Mk II's were required in the day to have "FIA Luggage Boxes" which can hold weekend-size luggage. Just don't pack any chocolate. And regarding the reliability question: this is strictly determined by the skill and care of the builder and...
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    GT40 MkII by Superformance, P2188. Titanium/black stripes.

    On but being sold by Hillbank:
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    NEWS: Tom Cruise to play Carroll Shelby in Go Like Hell...?

    In the present day, John Goodman as Shelby -- He Peed On My Rug - The Big Lebowski (2/12) Movie CLIP (1998) HD - YouTube start at about 0:45.
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    Mazda 20 B engine in SL-C

    Don't know if it's useful, but there is this relatively recent thread:
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    What Transaxle in your GT40?

    Talk about it on the internet? I know of exactly one person who has a reason to own such an over-powered GT40, and that's Lance Stander, who uses it to "motivate" people to buy. In that application a tire is just a special form of smoke generator. It does make an impression....
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    What Transaxle in your GT40?

    Zzzzz.... what!? Did somebody say T44??? :laugh: Jac -- What did you see that is a far cry? Got photos?
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    What Transaxle in your GT40?

    Disagreeing is not the same as saying you are not entitled to an opinion. I did nothing to suggest you are not entitled to have or express your opinion. I just don't happen to buy your reasoning. You asked a (rhetorical) question, I answered it. Maybe you'd be happier on a "forum" with no reply...
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    What Transaxle in your GT40?

    OK so what would the bill be from a "going concern" company like Albins that will deliver that ready to go, with a warranty, spare parts supply, etc? IAE if that's where we're headed I can build a two-moving part motor for about $5 that will put out 1000 hp. For a few microseconds. It's...
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    What Transaxle in your GT40?

    Let's check the assumptions behind the question: Can you in fact build a reliable 1000 HP engine for less than $26,000? Does a transaxle have fewer moving parts than a pushrod V-8?
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    1966 GT40 MK II's

    Interesting question. I've heard or read the same thing but have never determined all the colors. I would start with the Mustang color charts for 66.... 1964 to 1970 Mustang Decoder Numbers Here's my shot at the answer: I'm pretty sure 1031 was night mist blue. I'm pretty sure Arcadian...
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    Brake pedal adjustment

    Great, thanks! I won't worry about availability of the specialized tool then.