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    Avon stops production.

    I had a message from my friend at Goodyear last week. “so ........Avon tyres ...there is still no solid response. They are trying to build up a 12-24month stock. There is no real appetite for GDYR to produce these .There is interest for 3rd parties to take over the production though”
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    Unfinished Tornado Project UK

    Hi Neville What realistically would you take for it? I don’t like offers as it leaves it open to upsetting people :) thanks Duncan
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    A friend of mine is building an AK kit and is doing the panelling at the minute.
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    Bundle of snakes

    The last exhaust I had done at Tony Law was Zircotec coated which worked really well.
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    Avon stops production.

    He is going to find out is there is any new info, but the news isn't great. They can't move the machinery used to make the CR6ZZ or any of the historic racing tyres, but as they don't want to upset the historic guys (because so many of them run modern race teams), they may look at selling it off...
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    Avon stops production.

    I have a friend at Goodyear HQ, I’ll call him today and ask him if he can find out what will happen to the CR6ZZ and other historic racing tyres. Hopefully they will just be rebranded.
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    My 'completed' GT40 resto....

    I'm really enjoying your videos. Andy S told me about them yesterday and as the better half was out last night, I managed to put quite a dent in the back catalogue. I'm on the search for a car, built or part built and now every on I look at, I look at the panelling and think that's not as nice...
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    unfinished cars ?

    I used Zircotec to coat a few exhausts on my old race cars. It made a huge difference in getting the heat to the outside of the engine bay compared to just a wrap. It does chip though if you aren't careful.
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    GT40 Manufacturers

    Has anyone seen the French monocoque that is being advertised on eBay? They are selling it as a full rolling chassis and from the photos, it looks very nicely done.