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    Best way to inquire about any CAV GT40's for sale in USA...

    I have seen a few on various for sale places, like bring a trailer, over the last few years. may wish to take a peek there from time to time as well, good luck.
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    speedo cable and gear

    Nisonger Instruments recently made me a speedo cable for my MKv. Possible give then a call. It did take a pile of time to get however.
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    Classic Le Mans 2023 trip random photos

    thank you for sharing.
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    WTB Talbot Mirrors - spun aluminum

    great. I have grabbed a few bit and pieces from there and surely paid a higher price than worth, but have been lucky that the stuff has been as advertised and exactly what I was looking for.
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    WTB Talbot Mirrors - spun aluminum

    also there are usually some on ebay from time to time
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    GT40 tool that does not use a hammer

    In a world that seems to have many businesses that are not what they claim, this one not only provided what it claims, but more. Breath of cold fresh air. Great product, great response, perfect for the purpose.
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    definitely a MK V car. He may have took a few liberties in some of his explanations, but very nice none the less.
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    GT40 Gold Parts

    cant get the Gold Parts folks to respond to my emails for bits etc. Is there a trick to get them to make money off of me? Most folks are very happy to take my money for GT40 bits and pieces..... Scott t
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    badge for steering wheel

    thank you, I need the insert, with the red and blue.......
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    Ferrari and a GT40

    made for a great line in the movie......
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    Ferrari and a GT40

    can almost hear him say "your fat and you build fat ugly cars"
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    badge for steering wheel

    I am located in Florida. Scott t
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    badge for steering wheel

    thank you
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    badge for steering wheel

    I am looking for the red/blue Ford G.T. original one, is that available?
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    badge for steering wheel

    Can someone direct me to the best source for a replacement badge for steering wheel. The red chunk of mine finally degraded off. Scott t
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    History of 1059

    what a treat, thank you for sharing. Scott t
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    Wanted - Gt 40 fully built for sale

    On bring a trailer now a GTD40 that looks nice in pics. Not sure of any great details, but at 65k now. Not my car, not known to me but look and see if that makes the cut for you. Scott t
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    FS EU Seat covers for sale

    Scott here, yes I wish to have a set. Can you send to my personal email so we can get details for cost, shipping etc here to Florida? Scott t