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    Show us your GT40!

    A couple of rough and ready shots. SPF Mk2 P2322, Shropshire UK.
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    Oulton Park Gold Cup

    Thanks Mike, will do. Chris
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    Oulton Park Gold Cup

    Will there be any club presence this year? - I'm hoping to go along with the family on Sunday 26th and thought I'd take my SPF (the family will come in a different car!). Chris
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    Rear hub 36mm nut

    Grand, thanks once again Rick.
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    Rear hub 36mm nut

    Ok, moving on to the rear bearings. I've read the previous threads but just want to clarify one thing: Removing the 36mm nut from inside the rear axle - I have removed the nut on the rear left, but the rear right seems rather tighter, can someone confirm whether the thread is convential or...
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Thanks for all your help, both front bearings were quite loose so I have adequately tightened them. I did also find that the left front top ball joint bolt was loose - I'd therefore like to do a general nut and bolt check - does anyone have a "workshop manual" or similar with a list of torque...
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Thank you very much Rick
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Are we talking from the inner aspect of the upright? - can't see anything to fit with the description above looking at the outer aspect of the upright/hub. Excuse me if this is blindingly obvious! - I did say may enthusiasm outweighs my knowledge (and maybe my common sense) - the Caterham...
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Thanks Dave - excuse the probable dumb question, do I need to remove the caliper and brake disc first to access the items above?
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Walt, I believe it is a non-tapered bearing. I believe the necessity for frequent adjustment is the price we pay for authenticity! There are numerous threads on this site about the rear bearings, a frequent comment is that the bearings don't have proper dust seals. Jason, PM received, I'll...
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    Front bearing adjustment

    Hi, I'm in the process of running-in my SPF MKII, with only 330 miles on the clock so far. I've noticed a sensation of "looseness" from the front of the car, and some new mechanical noises in time with wheel rotation, particularly on applying steering lock at low speed. On axle stands, there...
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    '40 Bra

    Jason, I'd be very interested if you do find anyone with a PPF template in the UK - I visited two PPF installers in Chester and Shrewsbury yesterday but came up blank - one suggested that one of manufacturers might be prepared to to do a custom pattern but I haven't heard back yet. I'm after a...
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    Top Gear

    Yep, it was a Superformance, that particular car is or used to be the Hillbank demonstrator - lots of YouTube videos of that particular car. They called it a Mk1 didn't they? The extra gear car, which was different, was an original Mk1 rebodied to look a Mk2 (p1046) from what they said.
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    Avon CR6ZZ Tyres

    Hi Glenn - how old are the tyres, and do you know the minimum tread depths across each tyre please? Whereabouts in West Sussex are you? Thanks Chris
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    Goodwood Revival - Bonhams Auction

    On a similar vein, this 2012 Superformance GT40 Mk1 sold last weekend for £126,000 2012 Superformance GT40 Mk.I - Silverstone Auctions
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    Entry list for the Oulton Park Gold Cup

    Hi, I will be there on Monday with my 7 year old. My Superformance is still in build, I am keeping it a secret from my family (apart from the wife!), I will try and grab a quick word if my son can be suitably distracted! Chris
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    Hello again - thinking of another GT40

    Hi Trevor, I was an avid reader of your build blog back in the day! Anyway, my new SPF GT40 MkII is currently being introduced to its engine and transmission at Le Mans Coupes in Crawley - and I hope to take delivery of the completed vehicle in the next few months, if IVA doesn't prove too...
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Thanks very much - so Randy you would advocate going fully synthetic after 50 miles or so, assuming the piston rings have been properly seated? It has a roller cam. I am presuming the Millers CRO is similar to Joe Gibbs, intended uses certainly seem the same Millers Oils CRO 10w-40 Engine Oil...
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Hi My Superformance MkII is currently undergoing it's engine install, it is having a Roush 427IR with Borla 8 stack fuel injection - because of the Borla the engine has been supplied without initial test bed running. Information from Roush on oil recommendation appears limited to "10w30...
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    New Superformance MkII Video

    See for yourself (you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser for it to work!): FORD GT40 reborn | DRIVETRIBE