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  1. Charlie Farley

    FS EU Mirror stem

    I have been supplying these for 15 years. Mounting turned aluminium, grubscrew to fix position on the shaft. Turned stainless steel stem. I can also supply them complete with a very accurate reverse engineered Lucas 608 mirror...
  2. Charlie Farley

    badge for steering wheel

    I still have some let over from restorations. Please note this is a solid badge, as the original, not a vinyl sticker.
  3. Charlie Farley

    Steward Warner fuel pumps problem

    Hello Rune, The pumps run very fast, initially. Then they will click every 1 or 2 seconds to maintain pressure. That is all perfectly normal. I hope that helps ?
  4. Charlie Farley

    G40 1085 Sale

    I was involved in the building up of that chassis. Story has it, it sat in a basement in the US for many years, unbuilt, parts in boxes. Story panned out when it was delivered to the workshop in Suffolk. Circa 2006/7
  5. Charlie Farley

    New "Prototype" MK I Roadster

    Which 109 though ? :)
  6. Charlie Farley

    Mk 1 street blue ovals

    Look to be the Zephyr model painted/enamelled version. Should do the trick nicely.
  7. Charlie Farley

    Hello Paul, I have seen 1075 and produced specific items for the Gelscoe build. Furthermore, i...

    Hello Paul, I have seen 1075 and produced specific items for the Gelscoe build. Furthermore, i also supply specific Gulf parts to the Superformance offering. If you check out my website : you will see more of the work i have been involved in. It may be best to contact me...
  8. Charlie Farley

    Jokes anyone? -

    AN ALIEN ENCOUNTER Two (2) aliens landed in the Arizona desert near a gas station that was closed for the night. They approached one of the gas pumps & the younger alien addressed it saying, "Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Take us to your leader." The gas pump, of course, didn't...
  9. Charlie Farley

    Jokes anyone? -

  10. Charlie Farley

    Whats this

    And " Mr Bean " in white overalls under the right umbrella..
  11. Charlie Farley

    **SOLD - 1966 Ken Miles Edition, Superformance GT40P-2245 with just 67 miles, $170k **SOLD**

    Apart from an average representation of the 'paint job', what on earth has this example to do with Ken Miles ? The mind boggles.. They didn't even get the engine right, transmission etc, let alone literally hundreds of other parts and details. Please don't blame it on a virus..
  12. Charlie Farley

    WTB Original fuel tank rollover vent valves

    I have a few, made from the original drawings & an original i carefully disassembled. These are left over from a batch i had made for restorations of original P chassis. There are many more of these hard to find parts on the website. Especially under the dedicated ' Restorations ' tab...
  13. Charlie Farley

    Big Displacement DOHC Engines

    Very clever. It will allow the French & Italian armies to retreat much faster now... :)
  14. Charlie Farley

    Half shafts on origional MKI

    Are we talking about the bolts for the doughnuts ?
  15. Charlie Farley

    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    P 1085 was part of the production schedule. But never built. So yes. ' as you have been in this world for a long time.' What is that all about ? :)
  16. Charlie Farley

    ZF gearbox clutch lever wanted

    Well, the 'Father' of that casting came off a recognised P chassis that was entirely unmolested. You know, the parts book is not entirely correct. If you look closely, the sketches of some parts are not the exact part that was eventually used by FAV. As per our original chassis drawings, racing...
  17. Charlie Farley

    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    I beg to differ. A case in point is chassis P 1085. It was the very first chassis build/restoration i was seriously and heavily involved in. Gulf spec, it even came with the original experimental carbon fibre reinforced body panels. It was built 2005-2007. As to originality, even the recognised...
  18. Charlie Farley


    Hello Ryan, You won't find a colour chip. We had to use a spectrometer.
  19. Charlie Farley

    ZF gearbox clutch lever wanted

    Hello Peter, I think... ( i need to check ), i have a couple left over i had cast and broached, from restoration projects. You can check them out here, along with other correct period original restoration parts. I believe i may also have some of the ancillary parts, like clutch stop etc. These...