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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    That is one seriously sexy rear end. I love the look of the exposed rear; gives it a totally menacing look. I vote keep the rear end cut off.
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Love the feverish/OCD approach; like watching a masterpiece come alive through the mind's eye into rolling automotive art. Can't wait to see it!
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    Kurt, outstanding work! I use cerakote on guns...never thought about automotive applications. Yes, it is N A S T Y stuff but damn it holds up well. Great progress!
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    Scotts build thread

    Scott, how's work on this beast? I know you're busy with work etc,; but you mentioned selling bodies and having molds made, just curious if that's still in the plan. The body is the sexiest thing in existence by far.
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    Anyone looking to sell a SLC Superlite unfinished kit?

    Someone got a damn good deal! Never thought about one of these in RHD; that'd be unique!
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    **SOLD **Superlite GT-R FOR SALE ***SOLD***

    Ron, sorry to go off topic but do you have any info where the glass for the 288 came from? The GT-R is B E A U T I F U L!!!!!
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    RCR visit

    Sorry to hear about your health John, get better & reschedule the trip!
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    Do you Remember the Awful Jokes?

    What do you call someone allergic to toast? Lac-TOAST-intolerant... Bwahahahahaha
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    Might be of interest:
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    Not only does it make sense; it's GENUIS!! I seriously can't believe I've never thought of this lol. Thank you for the walkthrough, seriously!
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    Mike, any chance you could walk us through how you planned the layup for the hood/clam edges? I see in the pics what you did, but what's with the tabs on the aluminum? Also, how did you get the inner & outer edges (pics 4 to 5)? Thanks!
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    917 rcr

    Well I must have missed it! Congrats, any chance you could share a few pics? What it's like to drive etc. I understand you went with the mono version correct?
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    917 rcr

    Alex, hows the build going? Do you have a build log somewhere? I'm craving some pics of the 917.
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    Mike's Build

    Mike, sorry to hear about the break in; that happened to me in California. Horrible stuff. I'm actually in Fort Worth (well I have a house there), next time i'm home on leave from the OCONUS job i'd LOVE to check out the SLC & see one in the flesh. You going to be around in September?
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    Rufus GT-R

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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Well if you want to drool, here's the 908 design exercise done by a group of young guys that got Porsche's attention. Sadly like the 50th 917, they'll never make either one. What would you sell for the new 908? lol. Stuff of dreams, and what could be done with an SLC chassis.
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Great progress! Just read through the entire thread, you're clipping right along!
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    Fabulous 917 film on GT

    It was glorious.
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    917 full tube frame build

    Graham, who could forget you buddy?!!!
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Not sure about on this thread, but I've seen him post up. Even if he hasn't, I'll make sure he hears about it :D