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    Can I transfer ownership of a car in California using an MSO?

    He wrote the car was purchased outside California and is not in the state. I have seen MSOs with the purchaser's name on it and those without it. Some states take the MSO, some don't. Not sure why. Did you pay sales / use tax when you bought it?
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    Can I transfer ownership of a car in California using an MSO?

    My two cents - you should check with a lawyer knowledgable on the topic, but - since you have not registered it, CA DMV has nothing to do with it. In essence, they know nothing about the car. If the car has never been registered (I am assuming here that is the case as you have the MSO in your...
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    Road Coupe vs Race Coupe

    OK so now I am confused. Was there a "road couple" with a tunnel and center shift and were they either RHD or LHD? thanks much
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    Road Coupe vs Race Coupe

    excellent - thanks
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    2024 GT40 Reunion?

    Rick - just passing along that SAAC 49 is the same weekend in New Jersey. The Shelby American Automobile Club is proud to announce that SAAC 49 will be held at New Jersey Motorsports Park. July 25th-27th 2024.
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    Road Coupe vs Race Coupe

    Does anyone have any information on the gear shift linkage used on the right hand drive Mk III cars? I am assuming it was a rod shift with u-joints similar to the Pantera but on the other side of the car out back? Any pictures would be very helpful. thanks
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    Help - first GT40 - which would you buy?

    Since you are already prepared to paint either car a new color, pick the one that has the best Chassis/body/suspension and use that as the basis of your final desired state. If you have to change the gearbox, it's only money!
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    Bryan's RCR40

    Maui did a nice job with that. Love the open top.
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    Five cars in a three car garage....

    Man you got em packed in Cliff. Nice
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    bringing previously titled SB100 car back to California

    Once a car is titled in Ca as SPCN SB100 it is forever that. Regardless of whether it moves out of state and comes back or not. The DMVs computer system continues to ask for a smog and a manual override must be conducted to remove that requirement. As stated, this has been discussed on the...
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    Need help with an assignment: GT40 vs GTD40

    If your boss is really a player, here's the car he want's then. good luck with him .....
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    Raceline Digital Graphics Still making decals?

    I was just on their website a couple weeks ago and the GT stuff was there. Now it isnt?
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    Need help with an assignment: GT40 vs GTD40

    Specifically, a GTD40 is a KIT replica of the REAL Ford GT. GTD replicas were made in the 90's in England. The original Ford GT, which was made in very limited production numbers in the 1960's will cost your boss at least $5M. A GTD40 kit replica would cost him on the order of $100K+. The...
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    6-point seatbelts for street

    You need DOT approved because you need it to pass some form of inspection?
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    Mk1 Road Car Register?

    Ronnie Spain's book details each car to the extent he had the info
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    Thoughts on clutch, bell housing and starter

    Not building yet. Just figuring out my plan for when I do. thanks
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    Thoughts on clutch, bell housing and starter

    What oil pan is recommended that does not require cutting and works with the Safir kit? thanks in advance
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    T-44 transaxle

    Call Lee Holman and HM.