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  1. Andy Sheldon

    Wanted 427 Side Oiler

    Just wondered if anybody has, or knows of, a 427 side oiler big block engine for sale? Looking for one for my Aluminium bodied Cobra replica. Thanks Andy
  2. Andy Sheldon

    Goodwood Members Meeting

    76th Goodwood Members Meeting taking place this weekend. Includes the Gurney Cup featuring GT40s. Live all day stream link at Goodwood 76th Members Meeting Live Stream - YouTube Gurney cup practice on Saturday at 3.20 pm and race on Sunday at 3.30 pm. Thanks Andy
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado TSC GT40

    Tornado TSC GT40 for sale. Spaceframe chassis. Registered in 1996. 11,700 miles and MOT until April 2015. Colour is Dark Pearl Blue. Gulf rear wheel arches. 12" X 17" rear wheels and 8" X 17" front BRM Knock on wheels. Removable door top panels. Airconditioning. AP brakes. Leather seats and...
  4. Andy Sheldon

    TORNADO UN1 0.7 5th gear

    We now have available a new lower 5th gear set for the Renault UN1 Transaxle. The ratio is 0.70 which is much lower than the previous 0.76 that was available until recently. This results in lower RPM at a given speed, a higher top speed and better fuel comsumption. For further details...
  5. Andy Sheldon

    Shelsley Walsh GT40 50th

    A few pictures from the weekends Shelsley Walsh hill climb meeting which incorporated a 50th anniversary for the GT40 and the 80th for ERA. A lunch time parade run up the hill for all the GT40s in attendance was arranged slightly spoiled by a light rain shower just at the wrong time...
  6. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado GT40 replica steering wheel

    We have now introduced a GT40 replica steering wheel. The wheel is flat with a diameter of 15", covered in black leather with a satin black 3 spoke centre and teardrop shaped holes as original. These wheels are exclusive to Tornado Sports Cars and are manufactured in house. We are also...
  7. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado Aluminium Window Flap fittings

    These are an upgrade for the standard plastic fittings supplied with our acrylic window sets. These are machined in Aluminium like the original GT40 fittings. The hinges are exactly the same as original and the catches are very similar to original. Supplied in a car set with all fixings...
  8. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado customers needed

    We are looking for several customers who are willing to visit the factory with their completed TSC GT40 to be featured in Total Kitcar magazine on a dry sunny day in June or July. As part of the 50th GT40 celebrations and Tornado Sports Cars 30th year as a GT40 replica manufacturer, Total...
  9. Andy Sheldon

    Chevy V8 small block to Renault bellhousing

    We now have a version of our cast aluminium bellhousing to adapt the small block chevy V8 engine to fit the Renault gearbox. The kit consists of a high quality bellhousing cast in LM 25 and heat treated, engine plate, modified clutch arm and a fixings pack. The bellhousing will fit Renault...
  10. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado 351W exhaust system

    We are now able to supply an exhaust system to suit 351 Windsor block engines. The systems are full cross over, jig built and supplied complete with headers, collectors and silencers with all fixings. A ceramic coating option is available in a range of colours. For further details email...
  11. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado Removable Door Tops

    Although we have offered this option in the past we have not done any for the last 16 years due to the difficulty of the conversion and the fact that the guy who always did them retired. We now have a new guy doing them and so they are available once again just in time for the Summer in the...
  12. Andy Sheldon

    TSC GT40 required for TV show

    Are there any TSC GT40 owners in France that would like to have their car featured on a new TV show called The Classic Car Show? Its presented by Quentin Wilson and Jodie Kidd and the item is about old race circuits in France that have fallen into disrepair. Filming is to take place on...
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado 2014

    2014 marks a great mile stone for Tornado Sports Cars. Not only is it our 30th year as a component car manufacturer but it marks our 25th year as a GT40 replica manufacturer. I have tried to think of another manufacturer of any kit car that can match this record but could not. A few still...
  14. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado German registration

    In addition to our UK IVA and registration sevice we are now able to offer a service to register our cars for use on the road in Germany. We are co operating with an Company established in Germany to offer this service. The cost depends on the area in Germany that the registration is...
  15. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado Spaceframe Panel set

    We are now introducing a new fully CNC cut and pre folded panel set for our Spaceframe type chassis frames. All panels are supplied fully CNC cut to shape including all access holes. All rivet holes are pre drilled in the correct position to eliminate the time consuming task of measuring...
  16. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado rear body spoiler and grilles

    Two new items. A rear spoiler to suit the MK1 rear body section. CNC lazer cut in Aluminium with fixing kit. MK1 rear body section mesh grilles in stainless steel. These grilles help reduce engine bay temperatures and allow better airflow than the louvred or Gulf type. For...
  17. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado Facebook

    Check out our new facebook and youtube channel pages TornadoSportsCars - YouTube Thanks Andy
  18. Andy Sheldon

    Gurney weslake cylinder heads

    A pair of original GT40 Gurney Weslake cylinder heads complete with rocker covers. The price is £7000 for the pair. Thanks Andy
  19. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado VOSA engine date certificates

    Tornado Sports Cars have now been approved by VOSA as a provider of Engine date certificates for the IVA emissions test requirement. This is an important part of the IVA test and another problem less for customers who are using our factory IVA test sevice. We are now working with VOSA to...
  20. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado tsc gt40 super pro kit

    The Tornado TSC GT40 Super Pro kit is the most comprehensive and complete GT40 kit package that has ever been available. Its simply a car, in kit form, in a big box. It contains every single item required to complete the build and we are so confident in how comprehensive and complete this...